Monday, October 28, 2013

Soundtrack to a weekend

By the time you read this, I'm probably about 4 cups of coffee deep and on the other side of the country. Early wake up call is an understatement, however, security at the Atlanta airport on a Monday morning is comparable to the line outside of Best Buy that day after Thanksgiving. It's nothing to be messed with. 
♔Balochi Queen MSJ♔

But before we go all back-to-work-Monday, we should really talk weekend!

Sadly there was no Halloween-ing for me this year and my teeny fringed Pocahontas dress and headband is still laying on  my dresser with hopes of being worn. Between this and my Memorial Day American Flag bikini, it's been a bad year for costumes. 

However,  the weekend still held some sweet goodness:
My first "long run" of six miles since my half. My legs were so sore on Sunday. But the good kind of sore. I'm always surprised by how quickly you can lose the ease of distance and endurance you build up. 

A Girl's Night with two ladies I hadn't seen in far too long.

Hello There

An INCREDIBLE Gamecock Victory in overtime! Seriously're going to give me a stroke if you keep playing like this. 
and sorry Friend Shannon....your Tigers played a good game!

.....and This Song....which I just discovered and have listened to about 35 times this weekend. 

How was your weekend? Did  you dress up? 


P!nky said...

I THOUGHT OF You watching that game. It was pretty amazing!

Hope your flight goes well!

I'm doing 2 10ks this month....need to get my distance up asap!

J-Berg said...

Oh my gosh, I was thinking of you while watching the game this weekend. My husband kept asking me who Ashley was... Men... don't they understand blog friends can be real friends too?

Good luck with your travels this week :)

Angel said...

that plane picture makes me so happy.
it's been so long since i've read:( i miss my daily dose of ashley.
have a wonderful week and definitely let me know when we can talk or skype! love you lots and happy monday.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

You looked super cute in your "Hello There" outfit!

NShea said...

We didn't dress up either this year! Thinking we might put on our costumes from last year though for the trick-or-treaters!!!

Katie Did What said...

You are so tiny and cute!!! Love your outfit! Tell me you're in CA and we can have a coffee date?? :) :)


Elise said...

And now I'm loving that Goo Goo Dolls song. Didn't even know they were still making music, though!

JBean said...

Oh my thanks for sharing that song - I LOVE it!! I used to love Goo Goo Dolls back in high school. I hope this means they're back!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

ryan and i are dressing up this wednesday (for bowlaween youth group!) and then thursday night for the trick or treaters and for little Lily. :) it's our first time to dress up together for halloween so we are pretty excited about it!!!

Michelle said...

beautiful photos!

Katie said...

I like that song! I dressed up as a witch for work. And got tons of compliments on it which was pretty hilarious since I basically put no effort into my costume. A little old lady even told me, "Your face is too pretty to be a witch." It was sweet.