Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Confess ...Weird Obsessions, The Realness of Superman and Birthdays

I Confess....Even though I wanted to die at points on Sunday's run, I already want to run another race. It's a weird obsession. This is why I don't get tattoos...within a year, I'd probably look like Kat Von D. 

I Confess...We had a fire alarm at work  yesterday (which is about as common for me as the sun coming up)....however, two days after running 13 miles....not so much fun as say a normal fire drill. 25 floors down legs are on official revolt. 

I Confess...I LOVE The Voice. I think its hilarious that Christina never picks any females that sound pretty and that she acts sooo super cool but actually just looks like a show-off. And I think Blake is HI-larious. Holly Henry is my absolute fav this season. Her audition gives me chill bumps and makes me teary eyed every time I watch.
Also...obsessed with her version of this song. 

I Confess.....I love Pinterest but I never go back and look at any of my pins except for my fashion board. Basically the actuality of me making a recipe off my recipe board is about as real as superman. 

Cauliflower Risotto

I know how most people's race photos are all like "Oh hey Camera man - High Five! I am loving life AND this 10th mile!"? yeah...mine look like I'm just trying not to vomit on said camera man. Like, people actually pay money to preserve themselves like that? thought I was going to share one of those pictures? I have my limits...and by limits I totally mean pride. 

I Confess....It's this guys' birthday and I couldn't be more thankful to have such an amazing dad. From his generosity to others, to his work ethic to his  sense of humor, his vast political and Biblical knowledge...there's no replacing this one. 

What do you confess ?



Jess said...

Ok. so I just looked at your pinterest (because I'm avoiding working today). It's a good thing you don't make the things on your pinterest food board ... they're all desserts! You'd be like 400 lbs. Happy, but 400 lbs. :) Haha, love you!

J-Berg said...

Oh my gosh do you crack me up! Your pinterest food is like calorie wonder land.

J and A said...

Im like that with pinterest. :0) Happy birthday to your Dad!!

The Pink Growl said...

LOOOOOOVED Holly too and her unique voice and version of that song. You know how I feel about The Voice. I'm okay with Christina this season, usually she's already on my nerves but right now she's ok. Still SO proud of you for your race!

P!nky said...

happy birthday to your daddy!


Erin said...

Ahh she was my favorite audition too! Her voice is so eerily pretty. And if you saw a picture of me running I'd look dead....because I would be.

Shannon said...

So you're going to post that race picture, right? :) :)

( I bet you still looked mahvalous! )

Laura Railing said...

OH girl I totally get all.of.this. Ha. So real life!!

Katie said...

Holy crap. Holly is amazing! I hope she makes it far.

I pin so many things on pinterest that I will never ever ever EVER do. But, hey, at least it makes my boards pretty.

Happy Birthday to your dad!

have a good rest of your week, Ash!

The Modern Tulip said...

Oh my goodness I am so glad to see someone else see's Christina the way I do. She drives me nuts! And I never look at my Pinterest board either, HA! It's more like hoarding online for me...

Sara Louise said...

I confess that I've never seen the American Voice, only the English one. And that I hardly ever look at my fashion pins, but I do make a lot of my recipe pins. Clearly my priority lies within my tummy :)