Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Letters....Sleepaway Camp, Fat-Shaming, a Turkey and a Pilgrim

Dear Bikers....While I have mad respect for what you do, I'm going to need you to decide if you're a car or a pedestrian. One minute you're sitting in front of my car at the stop light like you're a 2007 Sedan...and the next you're zipping in between lines of or pedestrian or pedestrian. Dear Packing for Sleepaway Camp....You are no joke my friend. And while I'm admittedly not the best packer, I've never had to pack a towel and pillow in addition to the 3 pairs of shoes I will "need" this weekend. Dear the 20 slides of my presentation deck that randomly went missing...I'm so glad you were the slides full of data and not, you know, the filler "new section" header slides. Awesome....I miss the days of the floppy drive #saidnoonever Dear Target....I spied the start of your Christmas section starting to form back where the lawn chairs and umbrellas formerly lived. I cannot wait to spend my Saturday mornings strolling around your aisles breathing in the smell of faux Christmas tree and chocolate. It's my favorite.Dear the Turkey Trot...I am getting so excited for you this Thanksgiving. Dear, we cannot go as a turkey and a pilgrim this year.   

Turkey Trot 2012

Dear Trader Joes...I keep hearing amazing things about you.You and I will have to meet in the very near future. Dear Hot Mom That's Getting all the flack on Facebook for your post baby abs...I get it...everyone has different genes and blah blah blah. But, I love your message. 8 month baby or not, you put in all the work for that body and made no excuses doing it....that's called "hard work" not "fat-shaming." Forget the haters. 

Dear're looking goooooood!
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P!nky said...

100% agree with you, it's not fat shaming it's hard work and they are rocking it!

Yay christmas time at target!

Have fun at sleep away camp :)


Alex said...

You absolutely have to meet Trader Joe's!! I went on Monday and paid $30 for a bunch of stuff! Their snacks are the besttttttt. But not weight friendly.

BKCsquared said...

I love your Friday Letters blogs!! I totally agree with your bit about bikers -- the worst is when you KNOW they're loving taking up a whole lane and watching cars have to get in the left lane to pass them. Much love to all bikers, but please.

Also, go to TJ's tonight!!

xo, B

Kayla Peveler said...

Hahaha - the bikers comments are so true. Get it together, bikers! ;) love that pic with the lights. It makes me ready for Christmas... Target knows whats up!

Dani said...

How on earth have you never been to a Trader Joe's? One night I had a mini panic attack thinking Columbia might not have a TJ's and OH MY GOSH how would I ever survive? :) Heehee. Googled IMMEDIATELY and looks like they have one and I will live. :)

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I saw that mom and the article. I think people want to be haters. I also think people like to make excuses and just be jealous. It IS possible for everyone to be fit (maybe not "fitness model" fit, but HEALTHY). It require dedication that I don't think may want to do and hate on those that do. Just because you are a mom, you can still be fit!

I was like she is in the fitness industry as a professional, it is HER JOB! People are gonna hate.

Brianna said...

Never met Trader Joe's!?!? WHAT! Oh my it is my FAVORITE! so so good. Luckily for me there's one down the street from my house. UHHH I may or may not make multiple trips there weekly.

JBean said...

I think that mom is awesome and I don't understand all the Internet backlash she's getting! She obviously works very hard - what's wrong with that?!

Faith said...

You'll love Trader Joes! It's one of the things I miss about living in NY. No Trader Joes here :(

Completely agree with you about the fit mom! She has a great message. Too bad people decided not to get it.

Unknown said...

Awesomeness, grats!