Thursday, October 24, 2013


This past weekend  was spent in Covington Georgia which contains approximately one McDonalds one CVS and a campground. A campground that held more than 500 middle school students for my church's youth group conference called Frequency. 

When I volunteered for Frequency, I envisioned ya know, braiding little girl's hair and directing them to the cafeteria in between games of Miss Mary Mac.

Well my vision was more a mirage....because let's just say, when they assign you to "work crew" you are WORKING! We rolled into camp around 8pm on Friday night, just a few minutes before 8 charter buses full of kids hopped up on soda and candy pulled in. Within minutes sleeping bags, pillows and Vera Bradley of every size, shape and pattern were strewn across bunks spread throughout camp. And from that point on, we were going. The kids went in and out of sessions and meals with free time in between to play on the lake or various sport courts.

Meanwhile the work crew and I were picking up trash like jailbirds on the side of the road and hauling wood for fire pits like Charles Ingalls. We made flour bombs and water balloons, we moved furniture and about 9 gazillion bottles of gatorade and boxes of granola bars. We ran a carnival that included a dunking booth and pie in the face which I narrowly escaped. We then picked up said flour bomb residue which was wonderfully mashed in with goose poo (vomit...I was SO out of my comfort zone). Like throw a girl a pair of gloves right?! 

But at the end of all that work, it was such a great weekend to see and interact with so many different the little girl who unashamedly wore a cape the entire weekend, or the 10 year old bombshell who sported a fedora and wedge booties...the little boy who wore a wolf mask to breakfast and lunch and high-fived passers-by and the girl with a neatly pleated braid that started a party train during breakfast.

 and not only this, but to see little lives impacted. One of the coolest parts of the weekend, was standing in the back of this huge meeting room out in the middle of nowhere but dead center under nothing but stars and trees, and seeing all those kids of various shapes, sizes, heights and colors, sitting, standing or cheerleader-stacked on top of each other, singing along to this song. 
side note....this is an awesome running song too
if this kind of music is your jam :)

Such a great weekend (minus the goose poo).



Jamie said...

Sounds like fun!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

such a good post! youth camps are always an adventure - and it's amazing how much yourself learn from an experience like that...esp when its outside of your comfort zone!

Shannon said...

I think it is wonderful that you did this. Looked like a fun (and busy) time! :)

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Your description of Covington is correct. Doug and I lived there right after we got married- now you see why I hated it so much! :) But it is great for life-changing camps! I went there several times in high school for retreats. So glad you had this wonderful experience!

Whitney said...

ok, please please tell me how i can get involved with this?? i adore middle school kids and have worked with them since i was a nanny in college. im an advisor for a local chapter of my sorority, and i love college girls but something about that awkward middle school/high school stage captures my heart. plus i really miss church camp. i want to help!!