Thursday, October 17, 2013


Stealing a note from Ilene's Book today with: Currently

wearing: elbow patches. I am OBsessed with elbow patches for the fall/winter. I snagged this sweater on mega sale a few weeks back and I can already tell I'm going to live in it this fall. I love that the sides are cut out too for a cozier feel. 

reading: Does it count if I've had "Out of Breath" in my Amazon shopping cart for a month? If it doesn't, then sadly, the only thing I've been reading these days is work emails. But seriously, ya'll, I can't wait to get around to purchasing and reading this book. I love this series. SO good! 
Love to read ♥

planning: for church camp. I'm headed to our church's middle school conference this weekend and, let me tell you, the "what to bring" list was no help at all. "deodorant and mud shoes" were the items under the clothing section and, while I'm very thankful for that first one ....11 year old boys on a bus...hello. god bless....I'm going to need a little more to go off guys.  

looking forward to: Halloween. I'll actually be flying from one coast to the next on Halloween night but crossing my fingers there's some lingering weekend parties to attend! Although, not sure I can top last year's costume. 

listening to: Oh man, top picks lately have to be:
Burn: Ellie Goulding
Best Song Ever: One Direction
Next to Me: Emile Sande
Love Somebody: Maroon 5

realizing: I officially can no longer get buy "optimally" on 5 hours of sleep. I mean, I can do it but it's not pretty. My body pretty much hates me. 
Cry me a river | via Tumblr

thinking about: Nutrition. I know....boring. I was going for something more deep but outside of sleep and Channing Tatum work presentations, I've been thinking about nutrition more and more and understanding that "abs really are made in the kitchen." Ugh - why can't abs be made of ice cream? 

What's current with you?


Carly said...

I'm also currently loving Ellie Goulding's song 'Burn'. We listen to the radio in the office, and I swear it's played about 8 times a's a good sign when I'm not sick of hearing it yet!

Loving this post! I may have to steal this idea for myself ;)

Vickie said...

Love this post and love the halloween costume!

The Pink Growl said...

I want to read this breathing series - that's the 3rd book right? Did you love the first 2? Tell me more! :) AND YES to Maroon 5....oh adam!

Katie said...

i love elbow patches! and your costume last year was great!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I love elbow patches and Halloween too!

Shannon said...

Dude - elbow patches on blazers for guys are totally hot too!!! <3

Sara Louise said...

I discovered that I too can no longer function on five hours of sleep. I weep my youth.