Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Confess....Waiting til Friday, Leopard Sweatshirt and The Hand

I have been one day ahead all week....I was all ready to pull out my party pants tomorrow only to realize it's just Wednesday.....commence the camel posts....and the confessions: 
does this ever get old?

I Confess....I cannot wait until Friday to address the Miley/Liam Breakup. This post originally started as a way to talk about it because I simply could not wait but, my thoughts really worked better in letter form. Come on Friday! 

I confess....I don't see the appeal in Phillip Lim for Target. I know, I know....I will never ever be a fashion blogger with such blasphemy. Love me through it. My Instagram account Sunday morning was full of purses and animal print scarfs but when I wandered into my own Target Sunday night, there was not a single PL thing that caught my eye. 
I mean, am I the only one that doesn't want a leopard print sweatshirt and sweatskirt? 

I confess...I hate Wordpress with a fiery passion. Like seriously why. You have to create an account just to comment and then sign into the account just to leave said comment. And on top of the about 17 different portals I have to access for work...all with different passwords....all that have to be changed every 90 days with no recycled Wordpress account is not one I tend to remember. Que a literal 10 minutes just to comment. 

I Confess....Isn't it the biggest buzz kill when you talk to someone nearly every day on the phone and then they look nothing like the person you envisioned in your head when you actually meet them. Am I the only one who does this?! 

I Confess....I have the most unprofessional LinkdIn profile picture ever. We're talking strapless dress unprofessional. Apparently I don't like taking pictures alone....or even a crop-able 5-inches away from my fellow picture partner's face.
Oh heyyyy

Every LinkdIn picture should have a random hand in it right? 

What do you confess? 


The Pink Growl said...

You are so pretty in that pic, I don't think it's too bad unprofessional! I'm excited about this Liam being single business!

Pamela said...

I'm with you on this Phillip Lim stuff!! I just don't get it ha

elle rae-marie said...

love the pic - who cares! and I am with you on the Phillip Lim for Target.

arianapia said...

Wordpress kills me every time! I want to leave comments so badly on wordpress blogs sometimes but I have done so many forget password retrievals that they may kick me out soon!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i am with you on the whole target craze. i do like the BOOM sweater just cuz it's quirky - but even that, i feel like everyone has it which makes me not really want it. ha! and everything else is...OKAY. not really worth getting up early to stand in line for hours for.

and i CANNOT wait to hear your thoughts on the Miley/Liam breakup! tbh, i am SO happy and relieved for the poor guy. but like i said, i'll wait to hear from you on friday. :)

Alex said...

Amen on the PL for Target clothes. Ew.

BKCsquared said...

I hate Wordpress too!! We purchased our blog domain name through them & it's such a hassle switching it to instead we're re-routing the address to go to Blogger and it still doesn't work for the non-www. form of our domain! Confusing, I know. & sorry for the rant.

xo, B

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I love fashion. I get that Phillip Lim is an American designer and his bags normally retail for $1000. The Target ones are cheaper imitations. However to me, it just looks like any ordinary leather bag to me.

CheapRunnerMichelle said...

I confess that people who ask me the same stupid question over and over again really irritate me

JBean said...

I like your Linked In picture! I see way too many people (guys and girls) with suit and tie pics. Yours is keeping it real! I dig it.

Sara Louise said...

The Lim collection isn't doing it for me either, but since the closest Target is like 2349820498 miles away from me (total guesstimate of course), I don't have to worry about it.
I confess... I miss Target :(

Katie said...

I am with you about Phillip Lim. Also, something I've noticed since reading your blog from the beginning till now, you say "Love me through it." A TON. It is YOUR saying.

Wordpress is from the devil. Blogger forever.