Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Letters...The one with the gif, the recipe and the girl crush

The Difference Between Freshman Year And Senior Year In College
It's Friday...YaaaAAAAAY!

Dear Miley the wake of your horrendous, VMA romp, there's been a flurry of loving blog letters to you from writers telling you how you are so much better than your recent behavior..and while I can't deny they are well written, I'm gonna tell it to you like it is're acting like a ho. You really need to lock it up...and by lock it up, I mean buy a sweater. Dear Skinny-taste chicken, broccoli & noodle casserole...In trying to accomplish my September goals, I chose you as my "new recipe to try." After using every single pot and pan I own, I realized you are just a very labor-intense version of tuna noodle #facepalm. 

Dear Fall Fashion.....while I'm kind of digging some of your trends (oh hey motorcycle boots and everything garnet...I'm talking to you) I have to confess you are a bit overwhelming...and pricey! Dear Julia....Forget celebrity "girl crushes," I just want to be you. You have the most amazing clothes and adventures....2 weeks at NY Fashion Week and then on to vacation in Hawaii....yeah. If you need a best friend or adopted daughter who is your age, I know a brunette in Atlanta that would fit the ticket perfectly.


Dear time you add a gif to your post, you should probably do it last so that you don't develop a twitch watching it no less than 3,254 times while writing said post. Dear John Mayer and Katy Perry....Who You Love has been on repeat this whole week. SO good. 

Dear Friendsies....How are you spending your weekend? I think you should all drive to Atlanta so we can play. 

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Jess said...

Dear Ashley, when are you going to come to PA and visit me???

I'm also totally digging the fall trends ... I love the color garnet, so I'm SUPER excited! and I was at work crazy early this morning (4!), so I'm out at lunch and totally going boot shopping :) I'm sure I'll be texting for your advice (and in hind sight, probably should have worn skinnies today ...)

The Pink Growl said...

I haven't heard this John Mayer & Katy song but I'm going to listen now! Love that gif - ANCHORMAN!!! Happy weekend honey!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

so many things must be noted about this post:

1) GIF - LOVE it! steve carrell's face cracks me up every time.

2) if you need a new recipe, i have a few you can try - that are soooo easy and so good. i'm all about easy but most importantly good!

3) fall trends - love the motorcycle boots trend. and of course, i always love when they bring back motorcycle jackets. i just needs to get cooler around here in ATL!

looking forward to our kroger date super soon!!!!!!

Erin LFF said...

You can never ever EVER go wrong w/ Katy Perry ;)

P!nky said...

You're acting like a ho ;)!


love the gif

Katie said...

hehe - wear a sweater. :) agreed.

Sara Louise said...

Miley does need to lock it up. She's going to be the next Amanda Bynes, just watch!

Katie said...

Have you seen the Wrecking Ball music video? My mind has forever been ruined. Miley is icky.

Are you trying to learn to cook?? I should know if that was one of your goals but apparently my brain and memory suck. I'm such a bad friend. Also, I really want to learn to cook and be fabulously awesome like that.

I don't know any of the fall fashion trends! No style over here. No style at all.

oh, hey, new song to listen to!

hope you had a good weekend, lady!