Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What are we waiting on?

I met Marc in college. And by met, I mean I saw him in the gym nearly every time I was there yet we never actually talked.
It wasn't until years after college that we actually connected and became friends when he sent me a Facebook message about something I don’t even remember now. And similar to the blog world, it’s amazing how you can become such good friends just through written words.

One of the things I admire the most about Marc is his adventurous spirit. He has literally traveled the world, much of it by himself, much of it on a whim or short notice. He thinks nothing of picking up and exploring Peru, Saudi Arabia or other places I can't even pronounce. Camping under the stars in the countryside of those middle-of-the-country states , or jumping on a yacht and sailing the British Virgin Islands is as second nature to him as hitting the local pub down the street.

These pics were stolen from his Facebook  Hopefully he doesn't mind. Much like Taylor Swift’s songs, if you’re in my life, there’s always a chance you may be featured on le blog. And by featured I mean I will steal your Facebook pics! 

Marc is very well traveled and he inspires me to get out and see some of this huge world we live in. So inspired that I've made a list of places I need to see. I mean, who knew there were places called "Sultanate of Oman," "Miyajima" or "Tonle Sap." I didn't either but, you want to visit them now too don't you? But, actually none of those are on my list. Instead, these are:

Global Travel List
(I would move here in a heartbeat without even seeing it if I didn't mean it would take me 16 hours to get home to family)

Italy/Amalfi Coast
London, England/Paris, France
Cape Town, South Africa #safarime
Barcelona, Spain
Bora Bora

Domestic Travel List
Washington State Beaches
Miami Beach
New York City 
(Been here for work but want to do the real touristy trip)
Grand Canyon

Can you tell I’m not a cold-weather person?

There are so many beautiful places in this world to see. So what are you we waiting for? Ok, so outside of huge work bonuses so we can afford all this travel, what are we waiting on?  
Where would you go if you could? 



Tiffany said...

Great list!! I am dying to go to Scotland and Ireland!

So glad you have Washington State on the list. I was up there on one of the islands (Friday Harbour) for a wedding and it was seriously the most beautiful place I've seen in America!


J-Berg said...

What an amazing life your friend has. I love having friends that inspire me to expand my horizons.

My list includes a safari in South Africa. England- I was there once but it was in high school, California- Napa, San Diego etc, Hawaii, Australia, Italy, Greece, and basically every island where it is warm, sunny and I can drink umbrella drinks :)

(I'm not picky)

P!nky said...

BORA BORA and south africa

Erica Ashley said...

Love the list! My dream vacation is to Bora Bora! How amazing would it be to sleep in a little hut on the ocean, roll out of bed, and open your door, and jump into the most amazing blue water ever!

Ginger said...

Been to France twice, so I just want to go to Great Britain and Israel

Ashley said...

Don't you love dreaming of places to travel? Now you just have to make them reality, girl! ;) I think if I could take a plane right now, I'd probably go to the Greek Islands. Maybe it's because I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on TV on the last rainy day... and now I'm Greek-obsessed. :)

Emily said...

This makes me want to write a list too!
Paris was an amazing trip, only had 24 hours there, but I fit in as much as possible and would love to go back.
The beaches in spain I would definitely recommend as well.
And the Grand Canyon... breathtaking!! My fiance and I were originally not into driving the 5 hours from Vegas to see it, but we both agree that was the best decicion we ever made. The pictures do it no justice (even though I felt the need to take a million!! I just could not get over how amazing it was)

Shannon said...

Oh - those pictures make me so jealous. How I would love to travel more.

Currently, we plan on going to Disney in the next few years...does that count? :(

The Pink Growl said...

FIJI! This makes me want to get away!

Alex said...

You'll obviously have to come visit me in Australia!!!

BKCsquared said...

I love this list -- and I also love how you added a domestic list, as well. My twin sis & I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places (still needing to add South America & Asia to this list!).

You will LOVE South Africa. It was probably my favorite trip of all time. Paris, as cliche as it sounds, is by far our favorite destination.

Little tip: When you make the trek to Australia, try and find some time to visit the South Island of New Zealand -- if you like adrenalin, this is the place to get inspired and jump!

xo, B

Katie said...

England, France, Italy, Ireland.

And I really want to go to Maine!

Sara Louise said...

Um, I don't see The LPV on your list. You need to amend that shiz immediately.

Katie said...

Why does traveling have to be so darn pricey??? I would love to cross more off my bucket list, but the life of a social worker doesn't quite afford it (literally!) :)

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Come to Durban and Cape Town, South Africa - you will never want to leave!! x