Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday's Letters....the one where I was bitter about Fall

Summer Paradise
Dear Fall….I get it’s August and all, but, sorry dude, freaking winter encroached upon us until May so, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait until October….as in the very end of October to come around. #notgivingupsummer Dear adorable tank tops and mini skirts....Ladies, we have a lot of wearing to do in a very short amount of time. I'm getting a lot of pressure from the outside world to ditch you for your jeans and sweater cousins. 

Dear Target…I’m going to need you to stop making those delicious apple fritters. There I am in the veggie section trying to be all healthy and BAM, you’re on the table right behind the lettuce all shock and awe style. If I’m going to pretend it’s summer for 2 more months, my bikini and I are going to need you to stop making these. Dear Girl's Night Happy Hour...You make me happy, therefore I deem you a total success. Love my girls! Dear Selena Gomez Concert in Atlanta....I'm currently trying to rally any of my friends inner crop-top loving 17-year old to come with to see you. Anyone? Is this thing on? Hello? Dear College...sometimes I miss you a lot because things like this were just a plain 'ole regular Tuesday night....somewhere in between homework and bachelorette viewing. 

Dear're looking good, girl. 


Nicole Shea said...

I agree about feeling cheated out of summer!! Everyone kept telling me, "You are going to be so miserable being pregnant in this HEAT".....well I'm still waiting for it!! Not that I want to be miserable, but I LOVE hot summer nights.

Ashley said...

The short summer, the college days, the apple fritters... They all speak to me, girl! Couldn't have written it better myself :) Happy almost weekend!

Shannon said...

I'm totally fine with fall waiting until the end of October too. Count me in!

The Pink Growl said...

I'm down for Selena Gomez! I am secretly (or not so secretly) loving her!

julia rose. said...

as much as i LOVE fall weather I am NOT ready to say goodbye to summer just yet!!
and count this girl IN to some selena. loveeee it.

Erin LFF said...

See, I am looking forward to fall but then I want it to stay fall like August-January. Then go right to Spring... none of this winter business ;)

I would totally go see Selena with you! WHY don't we live closer?!!

Young and Fabulous said...

hahah IM WITH YOU!!!!

I want to soak up as much summer as i can!!

i want to see selena!! ill be there!!

happy friday!!

BKCsquared said...

I figured out why I feel that summer cheated me. I live in Los Angeles, where the weather is perfect. office is FREEZING! So I'm forced to wear the same clothes I wear during the winter.

Also, I miss college. Not the classes or the homework...but having so many peers around at all times and just being able to pop over to peoples rooms without it being weird.

xo, B

Taren said...

This is the time of year I always get a bit panicky and try to do everything all at once. I need to learn to stay in the moment!

Unknown said...

I agree with summer needing to stay until the end of October! I swear, I need to move somewhere hot so I can be on the beach everyday!!

Just came across your blog! I am now following!!
Looking forward to keeping up!


Sara Louise said...

I'm trying to figure out how it's August already and my legs aren't tan. That's just not right.