Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Letters...The Baby Edition plus softball and Luke Bryan

Last Home Game as a College Senior

Dear Gamecock Football….Six Days Baby! Wish I was in Columbia in some version of garnet chevron dress to tailgate but instead I’ll be cheering from Atlanta….in a dress of course. #southernfootball #SEC Dear Sister Shannon….You are the Cheapest mobile Wheel of Fortune player ever…spring for a vowel every once in a while will you?! Dear Nashville….I’ve packed my boots and about 35 outfits for my 24 hour stay this weekend. Hi my name is Ashley and I have an overpacking problem. Dear Account Girl on the other side of the office....I have to admit I was super jealous last night when I was stuck late at work pulling a results deck together for my client (which caused me to miss TRX AND Happy Hour AND hit mega traffic) and I walked by your cube to hear you planning a softball tournament for your client. 

Dear Caleb Paul….Happy one week little muffin dude! Dear technology…thank you for existing so we could skype into Friend Shannon’s Gender Reveal. Lock your daughters up ladies…it’s a boy for these two. And he's gonna be a tall, dark and handsome one. 
Gender Reveal Party
(please excuse the fact that my bra is blatantly showing in this picture. I think I purchased the only bustier top to not ever "boost." I was pulling this thing up all night.)

And finally…..Dear Blog Friend Shannon and Real Friend Kayla...your baby boos are due to make an appearance so soon. Yay!



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Shannon said...

I love that you called your sister out for never buying vowels. I seriously lol'd.

And yes yes yes- our little man will be here in less than three weeks. YAY. Of course, the sooner the better! <3

Fit With Flash said...

i love when your posts include "TRX"! even if you didn't go... you have intentions. ; )

Katie Did What said...

You are so cute and tiny in your little shorts and boots get-up! ADORBS!!! Annnnnd it took me seriously soooo long to figure out what the heck that guy was holding on your friend's head in that first picture?? hahaha it's a rooster, right?


Charlotte Hayes said...

Ahh I loveee your blog! So happy I found it :) following now and can't wait to read more!

<3, Charlotte

P!nky said...

Love your letters :)