Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Letters....Expensive Bananas, Restaurant Anxiety and the Gamecocks (obvs)

Dear Gamecocks....There are few things better in life than hearing 2001 Space Odyssey and watching the team funnel out onto the field with Cocky appearing at the grand finale before me chills every time. And even though I wish I could have been in the stadium, bouncing on the stands with the whole student body to the sound of sandstorm and yelling "COCKS" in response to the other side of the stadium yelling "GAME," I was cheering you on in spirit! Ya'll did not disappoint. Keep it up! Dear Sheryl Crow....I am OBSESSED with this song: 

Dear Little Man that runs the store downstairs at work….I love that no matter what my bill is, you always turn it into hundreds. “One banana….that’s two hundred dollars!” I also love that you always laugh at your own joke when I respond “That’s a pricey banana!” Dear Atlanta Weather….is this a joke? You already gave us a 100% rainy July 4th. For the love of Labor Day my tan, please, cut a girl a break already. #sadandpale
 please notice the perfect sun surrounding the holiday days 

Dear Ashley....You need to work on your work wardrobe. I think it's that time in life when your tank top to blouse ratio should be moving in the opposite direction than what your closet currently portrays. 
Business Attire Always Speaks Volumes1 Business Attire Always Speaks Volumes
Dear Saltyard…While you were a lovely restaurant,I've decided that nothing gives me more anxiety than going somewhere where I don’t know what anything is on the menu. I mean panzanella, gruyere, gnocchi…what is this stuff? And is it on top of something – like chicken? Clearly I was not meant for the well-to-do-life #passthebeansandfranks. Dear the alignment on this post...We fought all morning and apparently, you won...well at least the top half of this post won. 

YOLO #thatjusthappened 

Dear's been a busy, insane week! 
What are you plans for labor day?! 

XO, A 


P!nky said...

I saw your gamecocks last night, what a stomping in the first half!


The guy at the store sounds hilarious, I like him!


Nicole Shea said...

Haha I totally understand the restaurant anxiety--always a good time to whip out the smart phone and start googling!

Shannon said...

I really thought you were calling out another Ashely on her wardrobe and I was all "wow - that's ballsy!" and then I realized you were calling out yourself and I was all "oh, that makes sense."

julia rose. said...

that puppy? i dieee. so stinking cute!!
and i don't do the fancy schmancy restaurants either, girl! if i can't pronounce it- i'm not eating it.

The Pink Growl said...

That pup is adorable!!!! Tilly needs a cap like that! Love that Sheryl Crow song too! It's very summery!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

that picture of the little puppy is too cute! reminds me of tilly. :(

and yes i do hope we get some good weather this week. the rain and mugginess is really getting old.

p.s. we got a new month ahead of us - coffee date soon, my friend?

Sara Louise said...

Thank you, because of this post, I will now be putting Fifty in a shower cap, you know just for giggles.
I am sure however that Fifty does not thank you.