Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For a Muffin

If any of you have been blogging for a span of time you may remember a particularly fantastic blog called Stephanie and Such. Stephanie hung up her blogging pen about a year or so ago (trust me I protested her departure in very adult ways, such as writing “NOOOOOOOO please don’t go” on her au revoir post). But regardless of her presence in the blog world or not, she remains a friend and one I like to keep up with on Instagram.

I recently learned about Stephanie’s niece, Courtney Elise. This little muffin is only three yet is battling a very rare cancer - one that only about 300 people (usually children) are diagnosed with each year. She is currently undergoing - weekly chemotherapy and daily radiation.

And yet she still keeps this sweet little smile on her face.  


Three is when your world is about fairy tales and picnics, hair bows and playing house….not chemo rounds and hospitals.

But, unfortunately, for this sweet little baby her world is different than the average three year old. I just wanted to share Courtney’s story with you today. Here is the link to her page along with donation information. As we all either know either from experience or stories we've been told, hospitals and treatment are not cheap things.

The blog world is a powerful place so maybe if you have time today,  you can visit her page and send her a message, pray for this little lady or donate if you can.

Thanks blog friends.


Jamie said...

Poor, sweet girl. Cancer sucks.

Erica Ashley said...

cancer is so awful! My close friends cousin has been battling brain cancer since age 2 (he is now 6) it's so sad to see young kids not being able to fully enjoy their childhood :( Prayers for her family!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

heartbreaking. thanks for sharing and will def be keeping her and her family in my thoughts!

Sabrina Says Blog said...

Thank you for sharing this Ash! This is why I love you girls!

Shannon said...

My worst fear. No kid deserves to go through that. TONS of positive thoughts and prayers to that beautiful little girl.

Nicole Shea said...

So sad. :( Praying!

Unknown said...

Ash!! I miss the blogging world! :) you're so cute.

But you're right, a three year old should be doing other things than going to daily radiation and weekly chemo treatments :( she's a fighter though, and has AMAZING people on Team Courtney!! Like you! Thanks again for this post. You and Sabrina rock my world-you have NO idea. Xoxo!