Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Notice I did not say trade-UP. After spending countless days hunting down the most perfect stars and stripes bikini, it's become clear I should have been spending my time looking for stars and stripes galoshes. 

Precious right. 

So while there will be no fireworks in our neck of the woods this holiday, I am sincerely hoping to get invited to someone's house that has sparklers that is crafty enough to whip up yummy Americana themed desserts.  
Berry Trifle | 21 Red, White  Blue Desserts To Eat WithPride

To con someone into wearing ridiculous red, white and blue outfits with me I will totally be wearing my bikini underneath
Perfect outfit for the forth! #red #white #blue

and hunting down a Dairy Queen in this town of salads for a hot hot dogs are essential on the 4th. 

And as a very essential side note....Dear Yahoo....your recommendation of "laying blankets out on the den floor in front of the television and 'oohing' and 'ahhhing' over televised fireworks" in your  "How to Save a Rainy July 4th article is why Google is the reigning search engine...Also, I think Mike and Carol Brady were the last people in America to have a "den." Love, Ashley 

But most importantly celebrating the greatest country in the whole world and the countless sacrifices that so many have made to make it so great

Pesquisa do Google


Ever grateful for our freedom 

Happy 4th 


Angel said...

it's been raining the last two weeks here in charleston and it's such a buzzkill. wish you were home for the fourth - but i'm sure there's a nice murky lake for you to celebrate at. ;) love you and have a wonderful, hopefully long, weekend!

Tiffany said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen 100% chance of rain in my life. I'd say that you better break out the umbrella for sure!


Shannon said...

We had a den growing up. It even had deer heads in it and everything!!

Have a wonderful 4th! :)

Unknown said...

Sometimes I don't know why God chooses for it to rain on the 4th! poo.. you could come to's supposed to be super nice and we have DQ all over the place because Warren Buffet owns them and he's from here :)

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

First you made me giggle - then the pictures made me cry!

100% CHANCE of rain - LOL Love it

It could change....

have a great one!

jayme said...

I LOVE YOU AND AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i don't 100% chance of rain. louisville only has a 90% chance of rain, just sayin. i love having visitors and have an extra room, just sayin. you could come hang in the ville, just sayin. holllla
happy 4th!

Pamela said...

SO sick of the rain!!

Alex said...

Come to Houston! It's 100 degrees + and I'm going to the beach! Or a pool. Anything with water.

Fit With Flash said...

LOVE the photos of soldier homecomings. They get me every time. I just teared up in the airport. Thanks for that.

And just realized I was dressed in a blue top, white pants, and red nails. Subconsciously representin'! #goamerica

Jenna said...

I'm from the Atlanta area too and I'm so bummed our fireworks have been canceled! That's the best part about the 4th!!

Sara Louise said...

I ate a hotdog on the 4th but it wasn't a DQ hotdog and that kind of bums me out #homesick