Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Confess....cigarettes, spam and blog husbands.

I confess...sometimes all the time when I walk by the smoking section in the parking garage, I wave my hand in front of my nose and let out a few wheezy coughs. I'm quite certain I've convinced numerous people to stop smoking by doing this.

I confess...I take secret joy in reporting spam pins. I got super excited one day because my mini feed was covered with what appeared to be awesome workouts. Only to find out every single one led to some "weight loss magic" site. You bet your sweet bibby I went and reported every single one of those pins.

I confess...I have a deep obsession with the color neon yellow. I don't know what it is but I am so drawn to this color. Half my closet looks like a highlighter threw up in there. 
(5) Tumblr

I confess....I worked the Food Drive at our church with the middle schoolers yesterday and got assigned to the "canned meat" table. First - vomit. Second - it appears that quite a few middle schoolers do not know the difference between a canned meat and a canned lentil. Learn your vegetables kids. 

I confess...I made FIVE trips to the pool yesterday since our weather went a little something like....pouring rain, brilliant sunshine, pouring rain, brilliant get the point. And then for one glorious hour, we had solid sun. Than, you Atlanta....seriously, THANK YOU! 
RebekkaRebekka: after the rain

I confess....sometimes I feel after all these years of blogging that my blog should be "more sophisticated" by now...that I should have paid to have a real blog design...even though I love my sparklers in the banner. That I shouldn't post pictures like this (even if they are HI-larious)....and that I should have a "blog husband" by now to take my pictures and fulfill my desires to be a real fashion blogger. Apparently fashion posts in the mirror are crunk...some people are so picky! ;)

What are your Monday Confessions?


Anonymous said...

I confess... I like your blog no matter what the design or pics :) ... Also, I was thinking about doing the Advocare cleanse would you mind email me some sample lunches/dinners?! If you don't have time no worries but I am horrible at picking crap out! And by crap I mean healthy food! ha

Emily said...

Love this list!! haha I always do the cough by smokers thing! baha I like to think I am the first person to help them realizing smoking is stinky!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Yay for reporting spam pins. Woof. I wish I would feel excitement at the sight of workout pins. ;)

Erica Ashley said...

I am glad you finally got an hour of sun!! The picture is hilarious!

Katie said...

I didn't even know there was such a thing as a smoking section in a parking garage.

There is something so satisfying about reporting spam. It feels like you are helping make the world a better place.

Canned meat should not exist. It is like pet food.

I LOVE that your blog is not "more sophisticated." Feels more real and homey. Mine is nowhere near awesome looking and I know zero about HTML. & I think about expensive blog design and I could buy a brand new dress for the price. always going to choose the dress.

I hope your work week starts out good!

Sarah Adiutori said...

I love your no smoking crusade! If people have to smoke I wish that it wouldn't be in an area non smokers have to walk thru (like in front of every building), recently a friend in my group has started smoking and I like to steal his lighters while his sister will take the cigarettes out of his mouth and crack them in half, it is just our small part to help out the cause :)

Chelsea said...

Oh, these are great! I am totally on a neon yellow kick right now. To the point where I don't even think about it. I just buy it and wear neon yellow everyday of my life. Also, I am loving everything about your last confession. I'm right there with ya, girlfriend! :)

Jess said...

I can't stand smokers. Yuck. I am so happy there are no longer smoking hotel rooms and smoking sections in restaurants.

My husband won't take any pictures of me. That's why I dont' have any that aren't selfies. Especially mirror selfies. ;)

J-Berg said...

I do the same thing any time I walk past smokers. I cannot stand it.

I love your blog because it's hysterical and real. Never change, Sweetie!

P!nky said...

Bahaha COOTIES so funny!

I do the same thing with smoking sections, ewww gross!


Lindsay said...

haha! I love the last one...I feel the same about my blog! :)

Jamie said...

Happy Monday!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

hehe - this post was too cute, esp that last part. but ya know, your blog is one of my faves 'cause its the REAL deal. you make me smile or crack up every time i read it. makes me think we need to hang out more than we have been. now that i am living here for good and all...promise?

Faith said...

Haha I do that too whenever I pass a smoker or group of smokers. Too funny :)

I love the look of your blog!

The last picture, hilarious. Cooties...too much!

Erin LFF said...

I think your blog is perfect and awesome any way you want to do it!! :)
I totally cough by smokers too. And give me neon/highlighter orange and i'm in!!!

CheapRunnerMichelle said...

I confess that I am addicted to Essie nail polish...and have bought 7 within the last 3 weeks

Sara Louise said...

You're the pinning police! HA HA! Love it!
And you would look good in neon yellow, me, I'd look like I had jaundice.

julia rose. said...

The blog husband is by far my favorite part. Can I just have a stand in blog husband for pictures? I don't really want a REAL husband right now haha ;)

Michaela said...

Eeeeek. You always crack me up! I can't wait for September!!! We're going to have so much fun :) I happen to love your blog, sparklers in the header and all!