Monday, July 22, 2013

Cruising Attitude & a Miracle

I've spent my weekend flying through the pages of the book Cruising Attitude

Also known out my not-so-secret dream of being a flight attendant and soaking up every minute of it. 
JFK Flight Attendant going to work 

So since I have nothing else to share today, I thought I'd share some random thoughts on my own, non-flight-attendant travels....which can also be interpreted as a post I found in my draft box and made me laugh so, here we go: 

Socks.....Nine times out of ten it is not until I reach the security line that I remember I've put on neon pink or my "I-haven't-done-laundry-this-week-tube-socks" socks under my boots. You will never have a more awkward 30 seconds than when you're standing there all human mullet style with 100 up top, all party on the bottom.
orange socks to brighten up winter jewel tones for spring!

The Reclining Chair...Clearly the person that decided making airplane seats recline when there's an average of 4.5 inches of leg room, was a midget and not a 5' 7" lady with a purse and laptop. And that's all I'm going to say.

Stranded....Stranded with a carry-on....On my last business trip to Jersey, I caught a late flight home. I was rolling down the aisle to my middle seat in row 300 (thanks travel agent, you're the best) when I hear over the intercom "Ladies & Gentlemen, we have completely filled all the overhead compartments. If you are still in the aisle with a carry on, we need you to make your way back to the front of the plane so we can check your bag." I turned to see no less than 36 people "stuck" behind me and my carry on with nowhere to go. Thankfully a mom in a row with her two daughters rescued me (and by rescued me, I mean let me sit in her lap with my suitcase while everyone passed) and then watched my purse while I rolled my carry-on to the front.
Keep Calm and Carry On Wall Art
....unless you're seated in the back of the plane then always check your bag 

The Blind Closer.....I get it, window seats are the best. But seriously, if you're going to shut the blind before we even leave the runway and sleep the whole time, can you switch places with an aisle person...It's so unfair to the rest of the row to close off the view. Some people have travel agents that like to put them in the middle the 300th row. 

Be a giver....Everyone knows the middle seat person gets the armrest. If you're the aisle person, you get the leg room and bathroom access. If you're the window person, you get the window - duh. Let's not be greedy people. 
no's just hilarious 

In other news....a miracle happened yesterday. 
The sun came out. 
and not just for it's usual 20-minute showing. 
We're talking all-freaking-afternoon
Basically everyone's Mr. Hyde side has gone back into hiding. Atlanta is happy again.

AND....a very special happy birthday to a very special little lady. Happy birthday Danielle! Love you!



Erica Ashley said...

the middle is the absolute worst! Why are airplanes becoming more compact, yet the human body and capacity size are becoming larger!? Something is not adding up here!

Rachael said...

Middle seat is the absolute worst! I did it on a 16 hour flight once where the guy next to me said "good thing I'm sitting next to such a tiny thing" and put the arm rest away. We battled for it over the next 16 hours. I won of course.

Erin LFF said...

I actually just don't enjoy flying in general... maybe because I haven't done it often enough, but I get major anxiety beforehand and during. I've had less than great experiences in those few times though, so that doesn't help! UGH!

Shannon said...

Ha - I have a plethora of airplane stories I should share.

My favorite was a single dad asking if he could lay his toddler across my lap while he changed his poopy diaper. WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!?

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! to all of these! I HATE those people who fill up the overhead space with smaller items that are supposed to be STORED UNDER YOUR SEAT! I mean, really, I want to punch them. I had to check a carry on bag once, but that makes me psycho nervous because my carry on bag is usually my actual luggage (I have a major fear of them losing my luggage because I'm diabetic and my whole life's medical supplies are part of my bag.) FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, PEOPLE! I wish the flight attendants would check the overhead compartments, snatching laptops and purses and shit OUT, and yell, "Who couldn't follow directions?! Smaller items such as this can and MUST be stored UNDER YOUR SEAT, PEOPLE! I MEAN, DAMN!" :D Sorry - this post clearly struck a nerve with me. Ha! :)

The Pink Growl said...

The rain/clouds are killing me this summer. I'm a pale little thing.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

that airplane scene kills me every time. stoooooove. this is civil rights. it's the 90's. i am mrs. englesias.

okay, i have apparently watched that scene too many times.

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

It's true, there is NO leg room in an airplane. The worst!

Sara Louise said...

Airport security made fun of my socks one. It was so embarrassing.

Fit With Flash said...

I've totally done the socks thing too in winter... damn boots.
The plane scene in Bridesmaids is the FUNNIEST scene. "Your name is Stove?" lol