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So I made it! Remember this post where I asked you all to bandwagon with me and participate in a cleanse and/or healthy/clean eating with me for 10 days? I had wanted to do a cleanse for some time now but have been very skeptical as most seem to be liquid only “cleanses” and I don’t really condone those as they don’t provide the nutrition your body needs.
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SOOO, I was super excited to try the Advocare Cleanse which didn't change the number of meals/snacks you ate per day. It just changed the nutritional value of what you ate during those meals. The Cleanse Rules were
·         No Simple Carbs/Small amounts of Complex Carbs are allowed
-No Alcohol
-No Sugar
-No Dairy
 No Flour
- Lean protein and vegetables are a go
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To be honest, the only one that really scared me was the no sugar. Homegirl here hearts some dessert. Ok and maybe the complex carbs cutout….I totally count goldfish as a simple carb.  

Along with clean eating, the cleanse also provided a morning fiber drink and night-time fiber supplement pills.

I think the key to succeeding and getting through the cleanse was planning. I literally wrote out every meal and snack for 10 days before I went to the grocery store. And while I was there, I read labels even more vehemently than I usually do. I’m a snacker and I knew if I didn’t plan out, I’d be reaching for those teddy grahams in no time. I think the cleanse paired with clean eating helps in 4 major ways:
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#1 Cravings
Days one, two and three were no party. I realized that I unknowingly had developed a mini-snickers-from-the-community-candy-bowl habit. But, by Day 4….the sugar cravings were gone. It’s like one of those things you hear about but don’t really believe…..but it was true. To ease me into my no sugar adventure, I picked up the Kashi Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies which is basically like 89% tree trunk yet surprisingly delicious. By Day 4, I wanted just a bite or two of the cookie and I was totally satisfied.

#2 Sleep
One  girl that participated in the cleanse said that she had never slept better. I’m not a huge sleeper so I can’t attest to that but, when I do this next time….because I totally am….I’m going to journal about my sleep because I want to see if I feel like the quality of my 5 pillow time hours is better with proper nutrition.
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#3 Energy
The biggest side affect I noticed right away was that I was suppppper sleepy. I have a 4:40AM wake up call every day to hit the gym but, am usually alive and kicking by 6AM. But the first few days, I was just dragging all day. And that’s when I realized my energy was coming from processed sugar. No bueno Ashley!

It did take about the full 10 days for me to really feel like I had energy but, knowing that it was “natural” energy verses just being hyped up like a kid on sour patch kids was definitely worth the wait.
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#4 Beauty
Another girl said her hair and skin had never looked better. I can agree with this one. Whenever I’m eating more processed, greasy foods, I can tell it in my skin. It breaks out easier or just generally looks duller.
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The end of my cleanse coincided with the start of my vacation and the death of my good eating habits.

Actually, I take that back, I’m typically a pretty healthy eater all the time but, we were at the beach and I’m just going to say that hush puppies may have happened #theytotallyhappened
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For me, I was not looking to see drastic changes in weight loss. As much of a “non-cleanse” as this cleanse was, I still believe 100% in healthy eating paired with exercise to accomplish real weight loss – If you want to change it, you've got to move it – I was more looking to change up my eating habits which I feel like this cleanse helped me accomplish. I may have fallen off the healthy eating bandwagon on vacation but, I'm ready to start back up again and reap all the benefits of clean eating. 
Did any of you participate? What did you think? Are you working on better eating habits or a healthier lifestyle? I’d love to hear if you did! Leave the link to your blog in the comments section so we can celebrate together.
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And if you’re interested in doing the Advocare Cleanse, here is the product link and here is Sarah’s email address who can answer all your questions:

Eat your wheaties, Ashley


J-Berg said...

I was fortunate enough to complete the cleanse with Ashley.

You can read about my experiences here:

Shannon said...

I love that you mentioned both goldfish and teddy grahams in this post. Your old snacks would make you and my daughter bffs!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Ugh. It's so tough. Good for you! I don't know if I'd be able to stick it out through the first few "withdrawal" days. I already sleep like crap, so that would be another major hurdle. Yay for you having the motivation to get up early in the morning and work out as well! Impressive!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

This is so impressive girl - I have tried a liquid detox and a raw food detox and only lasted days on both!!

Katie said...

...I failed. I will say no more

Glad you were able to stick it out til the end!