Monday, July 1, 2013

Around the World....ish

The fact that we are more than halfway through the year seems impossible to me. 

Don't get me wrong. I heart the summer but weren't we just taking down Christmas Trees yesterday? 
This year has been a busy one for me....let's review

Dahlonega  - We approached New Year's differently this year. We exchanged sequins for spandex and heels for sneakers as we hiked our way through this quaint little town. 

Nashville to celebrate Shannon and bachelorette our way up and down the music city's streets

Columbia - That time Kayla and I fan-girl'd it up at the Taylor Swift concert

Chicago - Work Trip. I don't even remember what for, I just know from my iphone that I apparently wore this one day 

Kansas City (which is actually in Missouri and not Kansas....way to be difficult Missouri) - To celebrate Shannon's and Ryan's Wedding

Chicago Again - Work Trip

New Jersey - Work Trip

New York - Work Trip. This little blurry photo of my drive through Times Square after my 11pm arrival is all I have from this trip

Baltimore - Work Trip. And the trip I finally got to meet this muffin!

New York Again...For fun this time to visit my bff from college. And when I say "New York"...I mean the rural part, not the glitzy fun part

Columbia Again...this time to celebrate being 3. 

Home to first time in 6 months!

Destin...for some fun in the sun!

I think it's safe to say with all this traveling that I've conquered one of the harder challenges in life....and that would be packing for more than a day in a carry on. 
Traveling the world

And I can't believe I'm even saying this, but I'm already read to hit the road again. 
Alright second half of the year....bring it. 

Are you traavling anywhere this year?


Sarah said...

Um, I'm gonna need you to start packing me in your suitcase.

Tiffany said...

I love traveling, even when it's exhausting and stressful and you have to pack in a carry on!! I've got several trips in Texas planned for work, one to Dallas for a Ranger's game with my friend and boyfriend, two weddings, and to Wisconsin in the fall!


Katie said...

Holy ish! You're one busy girl :)

julia rose. said...

Come to North Carolinaaaaa next :) pretty please and thank you!

PS- so stinking jealous of all of your fabulous traveling!

P!nky said...

SO many fun trips girlie! I think NOVA should be on your list asap

My-cliffnotes said...

Next stop Portland :)

Erin LFF said...

You've been all over the place, lady! But why hasn't Cincinnati made the cut yet?! ;)

Shannon said...

WOW- that's an impressive travel resume for the year. Can't wait to see where else you end up!

Fit With Flash said...

yay for packing into a carry-on. i'm so proud! and tell whitney i have those same lulu pants (from the hiking photo) #highfivegurl

Alex said...

I seriously can't believe the year is almost halfway over. What?!?!

Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

you've visited more places in 6 months than i have in my entire life. sadness for me. i get in a rut traveling to the same old places.

Brianna said...

so jealous of all your trips!! I secretly wish that I had a job that made me travel on business trips just for the excuse to travel!!

Unknown said...

Such a little world traveler!!! Oh and I feel famous

Unknown said...

I'm not unknown! I'm rissy - silly blogger

CheapRunnerMichelle said...

I'm with you - the more travelling - the better...and I too have mastered packing!

Sara Louise said...

Since I'm planning on staying put for the next few months, want don't you add The LPV to your itinerary and pop on by. I'll put the Rosé on ice :)

Katie said...

geez woman, all the traveling is crazy! I wish I was going somewhere but nopeeeeee. I have money I should just buy a plane ticket to somewhere haha