Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Want to do something scary with me?

Did you all know that the official start of summer is just 16 days away? And no matter what part of  the country you live in, summer will most likely entail some sort of shorts, swimsuits or tank top apparel. 

and wouldn't you just love to hop into that bikini all confident-like and ROCK IT? 

I've been looking for a little extra something to get summer ready and in perfect timing, Sarah contacted me asking me if I'd like to an Advocare Cleanse link up with my readers. 

I know what you're thinking because, I thought the same thing upon hearing "THAT" word...."cleanse"....starvation. restriction. multiple bathroom trips. And I think we can all agree 

But unlike traditional cleanses, Advocare is all about healthy smart eating, not restriction. And even though it seems scary and challenging to try something brand new for 10 days, sometimes change is exactly what you need.

If you do what you've always done, 
you'll get what you've always gotten. 

The Details:
-I'll be doing the 10-day Advocare herbal cleanse that helps rid the body of toxins and waste
-Paired with a diet of lean protein, fruit, vegetables and complex carbs. No dairy, flour, sugar (I might die) or alcohol 
-I'll be starting my cleanse on the 11th but you can start whenever you want. At the end of June (date TBD) I'll host a link up to share my results and also where you can share yours!  
-A Facebook Support Page will be available for everyone participating so we can post about our progress, challenges and recipes that turn veggies into yummy noshes (please!)....and because things are always better with friends 
-You can order the cleanse from Sarah here for $31.50 which is extremely affordable for a cleanse. I should know as I've researched every one out there and they typically set you back about 200 bones. 
-Cleanse takes 3-5 days to arrive once ordered. Sarah recommends the peaches and cream flavor
-Here is the link where you can order the cleanse (The details tab has tons of good info). AND, bonus, if you have any questions, you can email Sarah at What cleanse comes with easy access expert advice?

Am I nervous? 
Is Ryan Reynolds the sexiest man on the planet? 
yes......and you're welcome. 

BUT....I have this theory
You see when my girlfriends and I were training for half marathons last summer, we'd have this saying. When  we'd get to that 10th or 11th mile and the Atlanta summer sun was blazing hot, someone would inevitably say "You can do anything for 2 miles!"

And this is true. 

So I'm taking that theory and applying it to this:
You can do anything for 10 days. Anything

And it just so happens that this "thing" is good for your body. So let's do it together
Let's start this summer with confidence 
And let's share our successes together

So.....who wants to be adventurous and do this scary thing with me? 


J-Berg said...

I'm doing it! I'm going to start the 17th. I'll just be returning from vacation and I will really need the jump start!

You're so right. We can do anything for 10 days!

(I'm going to miss Diet Pepsi so much)

Katie said...

Ohhh man. I would love to do this. Honestly I would. Not just for weight loss but also because this girl has cray cray health problems. The list I could give you would be insane. And it is really difficult to stick to what I need to be better. like all kinds of herbs and supplements and a super strict diet and I totally failed to get rid of them. even though I need to badly.(part of these health problems caused a lump to appear in my chest/side that i had to have removed in 2011. not cool). Long story short: a cleanse that could help me out a bit and is only 10 days would be amazing. Yet, I'm just not thinking I'll be able to do it.

But, I do have stuff I was taking when I tried to detox before & the list of what I was allowed to eat. And even though I am going to have to be on that stuff a lot longer, maybe I'll go back on it for a 10 day start while you ladies do this cleanse. Yeah it is not the same thing but it would be nice to eat healthy and take care of yourself at the same time other people are.

I am surrounded by junk food and people who are always sure I am going to fail at my detox so it gets even harder to stay motivated and stick with it. So maybe hearing you ladies cutting out bad foods & being on a cleanse would be just what I need to inspire me. I hope so!

I'm going to start my healthy diet/detox-y thing on the 11th too!

*sorry for longest babbling post*

Samantha Bayer said...

Girl you are a skinny minnie! but good luck! it looks intriguing!

Jess @ Pretty Physicist said...

Well chica, this girl JUST ordered it.

Shayla said...

Thanks for sharing this!!! Definitely doing it :-)

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Rock it girl!

Alex said...

I'm planning on doing this too! However, I'm having a hard time deciding when to start it due to a bunch of work travel I have coming up. I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and buy it right now.