Monday, June 10, 2013


In order of craving importance.....

Beach Time. I think you knew this one was coming. I usually passify my need for beach time with some pool action and, even though it's not the same, it gets me by. But with about 10 solid months of rain and cold here in Atlanta, I am craving about 10 endless days of a warm, sunny beach. #desperationissettingin

A redecorate. Since I've been "on my own" for about 5 years now, I haven't done much updating beyond some new pillows, sheets and picture frames here and there. But, I'm getting bored with my surroundings. I think some updates are needed!

A decent smoothie place. When I lived in Hilton Head, there was this amazing smoothie place around the corner from where I worked that I would often run to for lunch. I have yet to find an equivalent here in Atlanta. 

This Shirt. I bought this for my friend's birthday but, I'm fairly certain I need one in my life too

A Race. I have runnner's envy everytime I see friend's race pictures on Facebook. I think it's time to set a goal, pick a distance and register. 

I believe this would solve both Crave #1 and my race crave.

So now that we've covered how needy I am today, what are you craving? 


Corie said...

I'm craving beach time too! I need to find a good beach in MI that semi close to home!

Ashley said...

I NEED beach time soon...fourth of july weekend can't come soon enough!

However, my immediate craving is a Caramel Frappe! :)

Shannon said...

If I had that shirt, I'd run. Maybe that will be my motivation!

Erica Ashley said...

I need that shirt!!!! It is great motivation! P.s. is that your living room in the picture above?!? if so SUPER cute!!!

Brianna said...

sisterhood of the traveling pants!!! ;)
amen to these cravings!! I need a beach day soooon! It's been far too long for me!
Have you ever tried herbalife smoothies?! I'm obsessed, I know out here in CA we have a TON of different smoothie spots that sell them!

L C W said...

I finally get to move to HHI in 3 weeks :) Can't wait. Where is the smoothie place?!!

Sara Louise said...

That t-shirt needs to get on my body! And so does Channing.