Monday, June 10, 2013

A whole new world

.....and not the kind Princess Jasmine sang about on her magic carpet ride. 

Sometimes when I stop and think about it....really think about it....this blog world can blow my mind. 
It's just a bunch of people in different pockets of the world writing about their life right? 

How could that possibly lead to friendships or relationships of any depth? 

To be honest, I don't know how it happens. 
And I know it seems crazy to the "outside world" to call someone you've never met one of your "best friends."
It seems crazy to plan vacation with a bunch of people you've never met. #butitshappening 

It's seems crazy to suddenly find your calendar full of due dates 

to have graduation announcements on your fridge

To get excited over gender reveals
photo property of sitting in a tree blog 

and foreign boyfriends coming to visit 

to send up prayers for little blogger puppies health

and being completely jealous relishing in other's vacations to exotic places 

to getting midnight photo updates of your two blog friends meeting for the first time

to rejoice in great big new adventures

and to even befriend blogger's bombshell family members!

It seems pretty crazy. It seems like a whole different world. But it's real. 
And I'm so thankful that on top of some pretty amazing "real life" friends....I have whole pocketfuls of amazing "stranger" friends to share life with. 


Over and out,


Katie said...

i love this post a lot. the blog world is truly insane but awesome. sometimes i think about how everyone who isn't a blogger must think we are all cray cray but then i kind of feel sorry for them that they don't get all these friendships with people from all different backgrounds and places and different personalities. i think the blog world is a good one. i kind of get amazed when i see certain friends i've made from it. so cool.

Katie said...

i agree! i've been amazed with the woman I've "met" and friendships I've made - it has been such a blessing!

Fit With Flash said...

awww *HUGS* I love it too! And yes, life updates need to happen! Skype sesh tomorrow evening? : )

Young and Fabulous said...

Ah ashley!!! this is so so so amazing and so true

its amazing what becomes of the blogging world. things i never knew. I never knew the day i started this thing It would come to all of THIS!!! Who knew :)

I love it though...and its so amazing to be able to share this with amazing girls (an guys if they're reading??) haha

our next step is....US MEETING!!

love you girl

Chelsea said...

Aww, I love this! The blogging community is so, so amazing! :)

Shannon said...


I'm actually meeting my first blog friend in July and I'm super excited.

What a great way to show how close the blog world truly is!

Ashley Slater said...

youre the sweetest! I can't wait for you to come visittttt!

Katie said...

Right?! I kind of love this. Justin thinks I'm crazy when I talk about blog friends IRL...but they can be amazing!

P!nky said...

SO SO SO fun. I love the relationships I've made because of blogging, it's crazy.

We need to meet someday girlie!

Get your hiney up to DC!


CheapRunnerMichelle said...

The blog world is such an amazing community of people! Have so enjoyed getting to know others - that I would have never crossed paths with in life!

Alex said...

Aww you are the best!!!!! Please find an excuse to come play in Houston!

Erica Ashley said...

I love this!!! Every time people ask me why I blog and I tell them this they think I am crazy!

Erin said...

This post absolutely ROCKS! You are so so right, and often to people who don't blog- they just don't get it! I love celebrating every engagement, job offer, baby, graduation etc for all my bloggy friends! :)

choose to be happy blog said...

aint that the truth!!!! i love you for this post! you have a heart of gold and i get to see you toooooonight!! :)))

Lindsay said...

This is the cutest post ever!

Sara Louise said...

Oh wow! At first I was like, "there's Alex!" and then I was like, "there's me!!!"
Thanks for being my 'stranger' friend xo