Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where the North & South Divide

I have lots of bloggie friends that live up north but, no  "real life" friends.except for my friend Sarah who I just went to visit. 

You hear about all the differences of "northerners" vs. "southerners" and I suppose, to some extent, those things are true. Take Sarah and I for instance. The only things we have in common is our love for fitness, mildly trashy TV and of course, each other. AWWWW
and this fantastic pose....

But our "differences" really became apparent on the day of my arrival when we decided to hit the gym. Sarah and I parted ways to get ready. 

Let me first explain that "going to the gym" here in the south is, to some extent, an event. And more so to some than others. The gym I go to is "THE gym"'s apparently the place to be seen. You know what I'm talking's full of those people that lift weights and then sit on the bench and stare at themselves and others in the mirror for 10 minutes between reps. It's full of girls in sports bras and extensioned-pony tales. And, if you go during the after work rush, it's really more like a bar only everyone wears spandex and they only serve shots of wheat grass.
there's a lot of this at my gym...sadly not just in the locker room. 

I had no idea of this when I signed up. I just go because it's close to my house and I can go early enough to miss the business. 

But, having said that, I do tend to put a little effort into my appearance before I go - basically because the lights in the gym are equivalent to the lights at the mall makeup counters and I don't really want to face all 7983 of my pores staring back at me at 5 in the morning. 

So, there I sat in Sarah's guest room, getting ready for the gym with my usual routine. I brushed on some bronzer and a swipe of mascara.ok, and some lip gloss. I braided my hair neatly to the side and I put on my Lulu sports bra and mint green tank with cut out sides and bright blue shoes. 

20 minutes later we met in the kitchen where Sarah stood without a stitch of makeup on, a head-to-toe black t-shirt, pants and tennis shoes ensemble, hair slicked back in a ponytail with so much hairspray it could have eaten the entire ozone layer above her house and a sweat rag draped over her shoulder. 

We stood there staring at each other. all judgey like..and then she broke the silence by kindly saying "wow, you have no butt in those" to which I replied "nice sweat rag." I heart our relationship so much.

and off we went looking like a ninja and Punky Brewster workout edition. 

Is your best friend just like you or an opposite? 



Young and Fabulous said...

ahahah ash i love this!!!

my 2 best friends and i are all different but the same in a way! we have a really weird, sarcastic relationship that I know others must be like umm.....? LOL! but its fantastic and id never ever ever change it for a min!!

your relationship with sarah sounds awesome and its so cool having friends who are opposite. OPPOSITES ATTRACT!

also, about you going to THE GYM. Mine is slightly pumping iron and touching muscles and some girls being wicked pretentious hahaah its fun to watch it all unfold!


Unknown said...

I am the same way!!! It's amazing to see people you see at the gym outside of the gym because they make comments to me like "wow you clean up well!" and I'm like, WTF am I supposed to look like a Barbie at the gym too? The gym is meant for sweat and I'm going to keep it that way. Love the post!

Shannon said...

I'm definitely more like your bff when I work out. Maybe it is a north thing!

I play the role of "mom" with my bff. She plays the role of crazy girl who still gets in trouble after 34 years. I love it.

Katie Did What said...

hahaha I LOOOOVE it. Yeah, extensions to work out in??? I don't get that one. And really, the caked-on makeup look is NOT a good one to sweat in. Melting foundation is not pretty on anyone! I mean, still though, you gotta look a liiiiiitle cute at the gym! I'm like you- some bronzer, some mascara, cute neon outfits. I mean, it's all mental I think. ;)


SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

this is good stuff. i was just thinking on my walk today, "who are these chicks who put on makeup and fix their hair to come out here and walk laps and SWEAT?!" ... guess you are one of them. ;) i am def. more like your friend. too funny.

Ashley said...

I've never understood the full face at the gym...nasty!
I'm like you, a bit of mascara, lip gloss and I'm good to go. I don't even go to the gym anymore - sad!

Sara Louise said...

The gym in France is ridiculous. It's all about strutting your stuff as opposed to working out. It has a weird '80s single bar' vibe to it. I now prefer working out in the privacy of my home rather than with some lethario breathing down my neck all Pepe Le Pew like.

Dana said...

There really is a huge difference between the north and south on how girls dress, and not just to the gym. I'm from Ohio and I moved to South Carolina two years ago. I find myself wearing more dresses while I'm out running errands on the weekends. Honestly, I think it's the nicer weather (not this spring.. yet) but who knows... :)

Katie said...

hahaha i love this. i have never been to a gym so i have no clue what they are like here. maybe a little mix of both of those? i'll probably never find out.