Wednesday, May 8, 2013

That Time We Stood in the Pouring Rain

So months ago, when it was still cold outside and we averaged about 4.7 hours of daylight, I made grand plans with two of my friends from back home to go to a music festival the weekend of May 4th. 

And we sent endless texts and emails about what we would wear and what we would do. We fantasized about how perfect our maxi dresses and boho headbands and tank tops would look in pictures as we lounged on blankets on the fluffy green grass, eating cheese and wine, basking in the sun. We'd spend our morning laying by the pool to get just the perfect sun-kissed glow. 

And finally....finally the day was upon us. The girls were here with suitcases exploding with fedoras and flip flops....and that day...that day, looked something like this. 

 please notice the "field"....of mud. Also, the woman in the winter coat....because the high was 48. 

Needless to say, a change of plans was needed. 

Naturally, when a girl has to be inside on what should be a nice summer's day, financial suicide shopping happens. 
Snapping pictures in the literal 7 minutes of sun we had the entire weekend 

We did manage to make it out to a super fun dinner at hot spot Barcelona. Thank God for valet parking

I swear, Charleston people are so put together. They had suitcases of jewels and patterned tops enough to fill a boutique! Don't even get me started on that top knot she put up in 2 minutes with about 1.5 bobby pins.

On Sunday, the weather toyed with our emotions. Yes, it did. It started off with 90% chance of rain and then dropped to 60%. While it was by no means sunny....or warm, we were hopeful that at least the entire ocean wasn't pouring out of the sky. After missing two full days of concerts, we decided to brave the elements so we could see the LUMINEERS! We were so excited. And literally, the moment our toes hit the pavement....the sky opened up. 

We roughed it out through about 70% of the concert though because they were UGH-mazing. But then decided to call it a night because I was sick, had an 8am flight to catch, we were all freezing and, let's be real, Cheesecake Factory was calling our name. 
In our "panic mode" Kat and Kristin ended up buying Hunter boots which, upon investing $150 in rubber shoes, forced us to stay on the the pavement....staring at the food trucks across the field.

Not the summer ensembles we had envisioned. 

And non-Ho-Hey favorite song by the Lumies. 



Kiki said...

Well you certainly made the best out of your weekend!! you ladies all look wonderfully stunning!!

Have a great rest of the week!!

Brittany said...

What a bummer!! But it sounds like you still had a fun weekend :)

Ashley said...

Looks like a good time anyway!! I would love to see them live.
How hot do you look in that black top?! Gorgeous.

Erin @ Sugar Magnolia said...

You look so pretty in all of your pictures!! And I am obsessed with the Lumineers and Stubborn Love is def my fav too!

Brianna said...

awww too bad it rained on your day!! But looks like you girls still had fun! AND I'll take any excuse to go shopping ;)
So jealous you got to see the Lumineers!!! I'm loving Stubborn Love too!!!

Katie Did What said...

Ahhh SO FUN!! You look amazing, with or without your sunshine-y boho outfits! ;) That black top you have on is SO FREAKIN' CUTE. Like, I need. Also, you are gorgeoussss but what's new.


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

And only special funs can make good times out of bad!! We went to a Jack Johnson convert in the UK in 2008 and it poured and poured and poured but we just danced in the rain... x

jayme said...

ya'll are still so cute! plus i clearly love the fact you aren't intimidated to be the only brunette with a bunch of blondes. :) maybe you should go blonde?! i heard dash was into that...

Lindsay said...

Oh what a bummer!! At least you girls still look cute! Also a legitimate reason to splurge on some Hunters! :)

Shannon said...

Oh, the style that all of you possess is enough to make me want to hate you all.

Send your style up north please!!

Faith said...

Still looks like a fun time to me!

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Seriously SO fun!!! You girls are so cute!! Just found your blog, I love it! Can't wait to see what else your up to :)

xoxo Jamie

Sara Louise said...

Good on ya for going. I would have taken one look at the mud, and the sky and given it a hard pass.