Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mom

It's funny how you're just one person but over the years you've been so many things to me - "mama," "mommy," "mom," vomit bucket holder and band-aid-applier, slumber-party-host, hand-holder, teacher, listener, meal-maker, encourage-er and challenger, ear-to-listen and shoulder-to-cry-on, shopping buddy, fashion consultant, furniture mover, advice giver and best friend.

You've taught me everything from shaving legs and buying bras to knowing about God's grace. 

And I am forever thankful that out of all the kids in the world, only Shannon and I get to be yours. That's pretty special. I love you so much.


Young and Fabulous said...

ashley this is amazing Your mom sounds like a wonderful, inspiring person! and i love the pics you chose for this....little ashley!!!! :)

happy mothers day to your mom!!!!


P!nky said...

Great post chica!


Ashley said...

awww...that was super sweet Ash! Y'all are just the cutest family! hope your mommy had a wonderful mother's day :)

Shannon said...

<3 What a sweet post. You also look a lot like your mom - especially the smile!

Faith said...

So sweet!