Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Letters....Spaghetti Squash, a Motherland Feast & painting

Dear Spaghetti Squash...You are my new favorite go-to meal. You're healthy, you take 10 minutes to make and your recipe doesn't start with "remove plastic film from berry dessert." Dear Work....You are having a "Motherland Pot Luck Feast" today but, considering I just noticed this event on my calendar, my "motherland" is apparently going to be represented by whatever the Publix bakery has on hand. 
My "motherland"

Dear did it! #Beaufortlove Dear weather...I hate to harp, however sunny all week and then rain every.single.weekend. This is basically my worst form of torture. Dear Katie...I volunteered to help you fix up your mom's house by painting  tomorrow but you should probably know I've never painted before. #pleasedon'tputmeonyardworkduty Dear Apartment....three fire alarms weekend before last. THREE. Thank you for choosing the weekend I had company too. We were real excited to roll out of bed at 3:30am for an imromptu meet the neighbors block party 

Dear Friends...what are you doing this weekend? 


julia rose. said...

My covered dishes for pot lucks are almost always deli/bakery items... because I'm an awesome cook like that!
Speaking of cooking... I REALLY need to get into this spaghetti squash business!

Happy Friday, beautiful!

Katie said...

it's crazy but I've yet to make this spaghetti squash everyone speaks of! looks so good though so I need to! hope all is well over there chicky :)

Erin said...

Eek! I'm excited! I just bought a spaghetti squash and I'm planning on making it sometime this weekend- what's your fave way to prepare/eat it?!

Shannon said...

What do you put on your spaghetti squash? Sauce? Butter? I want to know!

Erica Ashley said...

Spaghetti Squash!! I am in love with it!

Katie said...


You are definitely cursed or something.

P.S. Why is spaghetti squash called spaghetti squash? Are you supposed to put it in spaghetti? #stupidquestionskatieasks