Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fashion Drool

Can we drool over some fashion for a minute.  I think the Met Gala may be my new favorite Red Carpet event from a fashion perspective. Typically it's some of the more fun events like the Grammys. But this year's Met had some serious wow-worthy dresses. 

Giselle Bundchen - Not sure if the pose or the dress are fancy enough but for some reason I love the a-symmetry of this look. And the shoes!!!

Jessica Alba - Probably my favorite look of the night. She is stunning and I am a sucker for anything cut out these days. 

Blake Lively - Love how this dress makes such a popular shape look so unique 

Taylor Swift...Utter Perfection. I adore her red carpet fashion. The makeup, the cut outs, the gems...this look is brilliant 

Kate Upton - Girl can do no wrong. Stunning is the only way to describe this. I changed my mind...THIS is my favorite look of the night. 

Nina Dobrev - This look wins in my book because I heart corset tops...and flowy skirts. 

It wouldn't be fair to mention all the good without noting the bad  hideous. 

Madonna - Is anyone else embarrassed for her...or her children?

Cameron Diaz - Cameron recently was inducted into a Smurfs Star Wars Cult 

Miley Cyrus - Somewhere out there, is a bald porcupine. 

Katie Holmes - Katie fought the toilet paper roll....and the toiler paper roll won. 

Gwyneth Paltrow - Gwen's boobs must have felt jealous since she put her entire rearend on display just one week earlier.

Kim Kardashian - I first had Kim in the "Love" category but, after talking to my friend Shayla, I have to say I agree that Kim looks like an un-made guest bed at the motel 8. 

and soooooo many others.

Who did you love? hate?



Erica Ashley said...

I am with you on the Miley Cyrus front! Also, did you see Nicole Richies? So awful! I have to give mad props to Gisele since she stole my man Tom Brady, she always looks beautiful (and how can you not with such an amazing quarter back on your arm?) And your girl T-Swift looked amazing as well!

Shayla said...

I have to disagree about Kim Kardashian. She looks like an unmade guest bed at a motel 6. Blake Lively KILLED it though!!! I die for that dress!!

The Pink Growl said...

LOVE that picture of Giselle!! Blake Lively can do no wrong with me, she's gorgeous!

Erin Elizabeth said...

not to metion...Kim's arm blends into her carpet looking dress? not good.

Shannon said...

Oh girl - your captions for the "bad" outfits had me laughing in my office. I'm sure my co-workers are giving me side eye, but I don't care.


Jenn said...

I love love love Blake Lively's dress, and Jessica Alba's. SO pretty! Love how unique Blake's dress is!

Alex said...

omg Kim K. I mean, I know she's pregnant,

Kiki said...

I love Giselle Bundchen dress and blake was one of my favorites!! she always is look fabulous!!

Angel said...

i've never heard of the met gala, but it looks like a great opportunity to love/hate on dresses haha. i LOVE kate upton's and the flowiness of nina's. and i usually don't like mermaidish dresses like blake's but she looks great in anything so therefore i like it.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

so first things first - confession: for all those times i've been on the opposing side of your miley comments, with this outfit and her behavior as of late, i am on your side ENTIRELY. just needed to put that out there.

loved blake lively's dress - incredibly stunning! kim k., who knows what she is thinking these days?!

Grits, Greens and Kerosene said...

Looooooooove Kate Upton's green! And Kim Kardashian! Ugh! Bless her heart. WTF? I have no words.

Brianna said...

Kim K.... just... no. Seriously- the print, the leg slit. I just can't take it.
I loooove Blake's look too! And T Swizzle definitely rocked it. Kate Upton was gorgeous, I just wish she had pulled off a punk look!

Sara Louise said...

Could Blake be any more perfect? No, no she couldn't.
And Gisele! I would kill for that body. Girl could rock a plastic sack.
But Madonna... oh Madonna. How far she has fallen. It's tragic.

Unknown said...

Hehhe, I love this post. The first dress is adorable and the next 4 are nice too. But I just can't believe why beautiful cameron had to wear that terrible smurf outfit!?

Katie said...

As much as I tend to hate on Taylor, she did look fabulous.

Madonna and Miley may give me nightmares.