Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baltimore Shenans and Memorial-ing

I spent the larger part of my last week in Baltimore for work. And why is that important you might ask? It's not.....except for two reasons. 

The first being, that holy cow, Baltimore is beautiful. Not gonna lie, when I first heard I was getting sent to Baltimore, I pictured this: 

So you can imagine my relief when my cab driver dropped me off in front of this

Ya'll....Baltimore is beautiful! And only one person got shot on the next block while I was there (not even kidding). I so wanted to run the harbor but, sadly, my entire trip was consumed by work. 


which is that this little muffin came all the way to my hotel to see me for 10 minutes. We're basically BFFs forever now. 

I landed Friday night only to realize it was rush hour I had not solidified Memorial Day plans. Thankfully I had friends that hadn't solidified their plans either and we spent the day lounging by the pool soaking in the beautiful sunshine. Nothing better (unless of course, you're in front of an ocean).

Little morning run around the hood

sum, sum, summa time 

Pool Peeps

How did you spend Memorial Day?



DwnInLndn said...

Your bathingsuits are SO cute! Found you from Erica!

Also, weird question but where was the top picture taken? Because I have a picture that looks EXACTLY like it, its really freaky actually, but it's from Poland.

Your blog is adorbs!

Erica Ashley said...

Love your suit! Super cute :) Looks like a fun memorial day!!

Angel said...

so fun! i spent my memorial day taking a chem exam then a four-hour nap. ahh, i miss you. i can't wait to catch up!! love you lots!

Brianna said...

I LOVE Baltimore!! I have family all over Maryland so I always make sure to visit Baltimore when I'm out there (: It's my dreeeeam to some day settle out there... talkin crazy from this california girl haha. So maybe just a vacation home ;)
relaxing memorial days are the best! I had every intention of spending mine at the beach but got a late start so we just partied at the park!

Samantha Bayer said...

Cute suit girl!!!

Katie Did What said...

Girrrrrrl you look amazing!! Ugh, looks like a perfect mem day. And heyyyy rissy!! I seriously need to make a trip to the east coast and see all you pretty muffins!!!


P!nky said...

You were so close to me!!!!

Good think I was in KY or I would have been sadz ;)

Kara Elizabeth said...

Where is your purple and pink bathing suit from? I love it!

Tiffany said...

Yea, Baltimore is scary. I totally ended up in the ghetto on a bus on my way to find the Harbor. Still probably the scariest experience of my life.

I LOVE your swim suit! Love, love, love!


Katie said...

you are so cute and tan! :) i want to be laying by a pool!!!

Shannon said...

You have ze best bathing suits! And bathing suit body. But I'm sure that sounds a little stalkerish. Sorry.

sergio castaño peña said...

aaaaaaaahmazing, i loved!!
hope youll also like my purposes

Sergio, xx

Whitney said...

Love your pink and purple bathing suit? Where did you get it?

Looking good, girl! xoxo!

Dani said...

i have to ask where your swimsuit is from? i love it!

Sara Louise said...

I need some sum sum summa time in my life about now! Summer is hiding from me and the moment and I don't like it one bit.

Katie said...

lounging by the pool is always a good idea. your bathing suit is adorable!

let's also laugh at the fact that it took me a second to figure out what state baltimore is in. I promise I'm not as stupid as I appear.