Monday, April 29, 2013

I Confess....The One with Taylor Swift, Adele and James Dean

I Confess....I almost got in an Easter Dinner table fight when one of the guests said Taylor Swift "couldn't sing." oh no she didn't!

On that note.....I confess...this pin really annoys me....when pinned with "Grow Up Taylor." Yes, I'm a Taylor Swift fan but this is a dumb comparison.
Taylor Swift needs to grow up because she dates boys and writes songs about them. But Adele is cool because she had a baby with her boyfriend? I think the creator of this pin forgets that Adele wrote a whole album about an ex. #ifnetworthcouldtalk #icouldgoonaboutthispin #buti'llstophere

I confess...I spent an entire afternoon learning the entire song and routine of "Cups" that Anna Kendrick sang in Pitch Perfect. I told my sister I was going to  record it and put it on the blog. She said for the sake of my readership I should probably keep that one to myself. However, from now on if someone asks if I have a hidden talent......oh yeah.

I confess...I got lost in the mall parking garage for a non-exaggerated 15 minutes. I lost count of the number of times I rode the up elevator from P2 to P3 and then back down.

I confess.....I'm a rule follower. Except for when I leave work every day. I go out the side door....even though it says "Please use the revolving door." I'm a rebel...totally without a cause here. 

It's just me, James Dean and the side door. 

I confess....I was in the corridor of the men's bathroom in the Detroit Airport when some angel woman stopped me from continuing on. 

I confess...I probably should have put that last confession and the mall parking lot confession in separate posts. #notthisdumbiswear

What's something you confess?!


Shannon said...

I confess when I read your hash tag #notthisdumbiswear, I read it aloud as
not this dumb is wear.

And then I was really questioning you until I realized it was me all along.

Whitney said...

Do you know Taylor has a line of dresses?! I found them in Belk and bought two...needless to say, I love the line!

jayme said...

PLLLLEASEEEE put the pitch perfect thingy on the blog!! hilar!

tell chelsea and stone to hold off on moving for a little bit and then the 6 of us (clearly including k.., er, i mean, dash!) can all get a big ole house together!!!!! and please, i'd like to know about d to the ash!


P!nky said...

Hahahahah you are too funny, everyone has those oops moements!



J and A said...

We MUST see your pitch perfect redo!!!! I'm with you on that pin. What do they know?!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Love this, I adore Tay Swift and I think she is a fairly decent role model for young women. Not having a baby unwed by 22, let's call it a win and also throw in that she isn't panty flashing anyone! So let's call her a win!

choose to be happy blog said...

AMEN on the taylor/Adele bit!!! I'd much rather be stuck in middle school than with a meanie ex bf who makes me want to set fire to the rain and be a mommy right now. geeeeeeeeeez WORLD!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

PLEASE post your Cups cover ;)

Elise said...

Parking garages are ridiculously confusing. I've gotten WAY WAY lost (for like 30 minutes) at the Atlantic Station one before.

Unknown said...

hahaha ...i an do the cups part of the song if you want :)

Sara Louise said...

I think you and your cups should take America's Got Talent by storm!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I know a lot of people hate Taylor, but I LOVE her! Always have. I absolutely adore her song, 22 :-)

Erica Ashley said...

Hahaha you have to post the pitch perfect video! My sister just came home from college this weekend and did one with her dorm, it was hilarious! Also, I LOVE T-Swift. She has gotten me through many awful high school break ups back in the day (okay and current break ups as well), and I like to think her music is a story of my life :) Happy Sunday!

Katie said...

I think you SHOULD make the video of the cups song. Pleaseeeeee?

I have a fear of parking garages. True story.

God bless that woman that stopped you from going in the mens bathroom.