Thursday, April 11, 2013

Friday's Letters....The one featuring two Shannons and an english muffin

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Dear people in the work world....DO NOT SEND ME EMAILS IN BOLD, ALL CAPS, AND RED FONT....It's very rude. And I am not above sending you a snarky all caps, bolded and in red font in return. Dear Shannon (the friend kind, not the sister kind)....I am on a plane to Kansas City this very minute to see you get MARRIED! I am officially changing your blog tag from "Shannon V" to "Shannon H." This is clearly a huge change! 
Dear Kansas City....Don't you belong in Kansas and not Missouri? I have real concerns that I'm going to get on the wrong plane today! Dear National Sibling Day....I so wanted to jump on your bandwagon....however, my instagram abilities are currently limited to viewing options only on the computer since I can't access you from my phone. (#so2012) So I will post my sibling photos here :
Dear Shannon (the sister kind, not the friend kind)...thanks for always making this silly face with me which I used to think was so cool and I now I realize it's just hilarious. (This does not mean I will not still make you take these pictures with me.) Dear my half bagel for breakfast....I think it's time you know I've been totally cheating on you with the english muffin. 

Dear people with extreme stalking capabilities.... you are scary. You should probably know this. Dear my new neighbors to the left....I haven't met you yet but apparently you are of the Spanish variety....or you just love some Latin music. It's basically like Cinco de Mayo in my bedroom every thanks gracias for that. Dear blog has been for-stinkin-ever that I've had time to visit all your blogs and read them. And I misssssss you all! Hoping my life calms down soon so I can catch up on all of yours! Question: Does anyone else think it makes them a better blogger to read other blogs? I totally do! 

Happy Weekend-ing.
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Brianna said...

Kansas City always confused me!!! I only learned a few years ago when a friend of mine moved there to play soccer... It just doesn't make sense!!
Happy cinco de mayo ;) haha maybe you can hit them up for some yummy food!

Heidi said...

Ditto on Kansas City. It's bizarre!

Whitney said...

funny story on Kansas City, MO-- i got stuck on a layover overnight there one time, and cussed the ticket counter lady out because they wouldnt put me on another flight back to Columbia and i was missing the carolina vs uga game. I said "I DO NOT WANT TO BE IN KANSAS ANYMOREEEEEEEE!!!!" and she very calmly looked at me and said "ma'am, you are in missouri, not kansas". i decided right then that i no longer like Kansas or Missouri, because they tricked me.

Katie Did What said...

hehe that was a lot of Shannons in one post. English muffins are delish, I totes understand your new love for them. Have so much fun at friend-Shannon's wedding!!


Alex said...

I get confused about Kansas City all the time!! I feel like someone told me that part of it is in KS and part in MO. Maybe this is true?

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

That breakfast looks delish!!!

I don't know if it genuinely makes me a better blogger but I feel like a better blogger friend when I keep up to date with blog reading and catching up with bloggers x

My-cliffnotes said...

I do too! I love reading other blogs!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

dear ashley, i am so glad that when we do miss on blog-reading each other's blogs, i am glad that we can have coffee and catch up. it's almost as good. ;) see ya in may!

much love,

Sara Louise said...

Reading other blogs, definitely makes me a better blogger!
And what's with the red capped emails at work?! Somebody needs to learn some email etiquette real quick.

Katie said...

All caps & red font are from the devil.

I LOVE bagels. Bacon and cheese bagels are pretty much the best. I've never been a huge fan of english muffins sadly.

"Dear people with extreme stalking capabilities.... you are scary. You should probably know this." THIS. oh my goodness.

And, finally, I agree. Reading blogs makes you a better blogger. I feel so bad when I get behind!