Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hi Friends! 

Long time no chat, ay

I'm going to sound like such an old person when I say this but I cannot believe it is already April. I'm going to start a petition to add 12 hours to the day as I no longer find our 24 hour day suitable for my needs. 

But despite only being limited to just 24 hours, I managed to cram a whole bunch of friends and a whole bunch of goodness into the weekend. 

Friday Night
I met this little bloggy love for dinner. If you don't know Julie, you need to. She's originally from Atlanta but lives in California now with her husband. I think she should move back here so we can hang out and make Pinterest crafts together but word on the street is she kinda loves Doug. 
However, I'm hopeful for a move home soon! 

Side Note: If the human head weighs 10 pounds, 7 of mine are teeth. #chompchomp

Saturday Day
Saturday took me 25 minutes outside my city to a random Starbucks that sat in the middle of a random Kroger in the middle of basically nowhere. And what, might you ask, brought me to this random coffee joint? Well that would be this little lady
please love that we are IN the Kroger....right near the produce section 

Who I've known since I was 6. And somehow we're all grown up now. She even just tied the knot! We can pass endless hours just talking. I think she also needs to move to the city but considering she formerly lived in Japan, Chicago and South Carolina, I'll take the 25 minute drive :)

Well Sunday happened to be a holiday and since I couldn't be with my real family, I spent it with my Atlanta family. Danielle hosted dinner at her house which I named "Freaster"....get it, "Friends Easter." I nickname everything and everyone.....just ask Bright White, Ginger Friend, Baby Nugget, Gym Elf, Red Don and The Wizard.....I could go on but I think that makes the point. 

But back to Freaster...it was so much fun. And Danielle is SO talented in the kitchen....we're talking bacon bits in the deviled eggs ya'll. And Whitney made homemade hummus. And I had a brief Martha Stewart moment and made this guy:
Can we all just say it together...."marriage material." 


How did you spend your holiday weekend? 


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

Loooooooved our random coffee date in the random kroger! And you are so right - crazy how we finally live in the same city after so many years about. Lylas forever! ;)

Michaela said...

Aww so glad you met up with Julie! Meant to text you today and say hi/I'm thinking of you!! I'm glad you had a good easter with your friends :) xoxo

P!nky said...

Looks like a lovely weekend!

YAY for friends!

Katie said...

yeah for time with friends! and i'm impressed with your cake :)

Carly said...

VERY impressed with the cake. Looks amazing!

I spent mine avoiding the bitterly cold weather we had in Scotland (it's not heard of Spring yet) and eating my weight in chocolate easter eggs - it was good!

Jen said...

I'm catching up and I'm so glad you had a good Easter and a great time at the Taylor Swift concert! I'm still jealous though :) Oh and your cake looks awesome!

Katie said...

so fun! We keep seeing ATL on house hunters and need to make a visit!! plus I wanna meet your cute self!

Brittany said...

That cake looks so good!! And homemade hummus sounds amazing

Shannon said...

Dude - your teeth are amazing. :)

Also, recipe that dessert please?!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I had SO much fun with you! I think we found our new place to go every time I come to town :) And that cake- YUM. Lemon is my weakness!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

who doesn't love cake?

Unknown said...

hey ashley! because you have one of the many blogs that i love and read on a regulary basis, i nominated you, on my blog, for the versatile bloggers award!

My-cliffnotes said...

The cake looks delish!

shannon v. said...

Sad face that I missed Freaster.

Sara Louise said...

Heck yeah you're marriage material! And when you do get married, I bet you give your husband the best nickname ever :)

Katie said...

Ugh. I'm so mad at you for meeting up with Julie. And her for meeting up with you. Why wasn't I invited?! Rude. :)

Gorgeous cake!

Katie said...

Girl, you got nice teeth.

I had no idea they had starbucks in Kroger! They certainly don't exist in ours haha.

Freaster sounds like such a good idea! And, uh, BACON IN DEVILED EGGS?! That is my kind of heaven.
Also, your Martha cake is fab.