Monday, March 18, 2013

That Time In Which I Was Traumatized on St. Patrick's Day

I mentioned on Friday that I don't like St. Patrick's Day. But I suppose if I'm just going to come out and declare that I don't like a holiday, I should probably explain why. 

It all went down when I was about 8. 
It was a Wednesday that year and in efforts to make what was just a day where I thought you wore green to avoid getting pinched, seem somewhat special, my mom announced we would be making cupcakes. 
But not just any cupcakes....GREEN cupcakes.
Pink & green #cupcake - nice and pretty.

In order to accomplish this magical baking project, we needed our secret ingredient. (Ok, the secret ingredient was totally food coloring but don't tell anyone.)
So a grocery store trip was in order. 
My mom, Shannon and I piled into the car and headed off to the Food Lion (for those of you that don't know what a "Food Lion" is, it's a grocery store, not a zoo. RAWR!)

Upon returning we started walking to the side entrance with our grocery goodies when Shannon noticed that something was wrong with the window.
My mom told us to stay outside as she went in. 
Shannon declared that our house had been broken into and followed mom into the house. 
My obedience kept me frozen in the driveway, paralyzed in panic. 

Within what seemed like minutes, we had rescued our scared-to-death little puppy from her hiding place under the bed and my broken out window was being dusted for fingerprints by a cop as we straightened things that had been turned over in the ransack through our home.

As night came over our house, the gaping hole next to my bed was covered with a black GLAD trash bag. And even though it wasn't that cold out, it was decided the best sleeping arrangements for the night was to roll out my Little Mermaid sleeping bag and camp out on Shannon's floor.
Little Mermaid

The next day the window was replaced but when bedtime came, I was filled with fear of my own room....fearful over THAT window....that window that some stranger man had busted through to steal our things. And I couldn't do it. I couldn't sleep in my own bed. With Sandy the Cabbage Patch doll tucked firm under my arm, Ariel and I made our way to Shannon's room for another camp out and the start of a three year long tradition. 

Yes, it was close to three years before I returned to my room on a regular sleeping schedule. 

...As you may have guessed, the cupcakes were never made that day. 
So on a day that I should remember as the day we made green cupcakes, instead I remember it as the day our house got broken into...through my which resulted in a perpetual 3-year-slumber party with my very gracious of a host sister.

...and that, my friends is the tale of  how I was traumatized on St. Patty's Day. 

Happy (it's over) St. Patty's Day, 


Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Eek! I would have freaked out so bad.

P.S. I had a Little Mermaid sleeping bag, and I know what a Food Lion is :-)

Katie said...

i would have been tramatized for sure!

P!nky said...

Oh no love muffin, that's so scary!

Evil people make me mad!!!

jayme said...

did they take anything?! did they get caught!? i hope they're reading this post and realize how much emotional damage they caused ariel and an innocent, little girl. i hate those st.-patty's-day-ruiners and everything about them. now i hate st pattys day.

Heidi said...

ya know, I always hated St. patty's day too but I never knew why. This is why. For you. Unknown sympathy hate pains. You were a brave kid!

Shannon said...

Wow - I would have been petrified too! I officially accept your dislike of St Patty's Day. :)

meghan said...

Oh wow! Yup! I'd hate St. Patrick's Day too! I'd say you have great reason. That's frightening.

Fit With Flash said...

Buuuut if it hadn't been St. Patty's day, you wouldn't have been gone to the store to get magic ingredients, thus you might have been HOME when the creeper broke in! So maybe it's a good thing?! Glad game?

I'm sorry, that sucks : (

My-cliffnotes said...

That's so sad it's my fav holiday. Thanks for drinking with me :)

Sara Louise said...

That's a pretty valid reason to not like St. Patrick's Day. I say you take back the day! Like how I got married on St.Patrick's Day so now it's more my wedding anniversary than the wearing of the green, you need to do something spectacular and make it your own! xo

Alex said...

Welp...I say that's a good reason to be traumatized. For what it's worth, I'm not a huge fan of the holiday either. But that might be because the ONE time I celebrated it, I ended up with a horrendous hangover. No thank you.

Ashley said...

That is SO traumatizing! Holy cow, I think it would've taken me way longer to get over. I'm such a scaredy cat! Someone needs to make you green cupcakes next St. Paddy's Day... And any other day you want after going through that!

Katie said...

Oh no! That is horrible. I would be traumatized too.