Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I had one of those "serious" posts scheduled for today but, to be honest, couldn't get it where I wanted it. 
And the perfectionist, type-A-personality in me made its ugly appearance and just wouldn't let me hit "publish."
So instead. 
I decided to share some happy things. 
Maybe they are frivolous things but, they are things I'm loving lately 

101 Days...That is the number that separates us from the "official" start of summer
Thank God we live in the south and that number is more like 45 days

Safe Haven
Have you seen this movie? If you haven't you need to RUN to your local theater. 
More importantly, should you happen to run into the little girl that stars in this movie, steal her for me. She is the absolute cutest. 

Pinks, Glitter and French Manis, oh my
Awesome summer nails
A painted nail is a happy nail #truth

The Bachelor
I kind of love Sean and Catherine. And who doesn't love watching a slightly dramatic love story unfold?!

This quote....from this song
It's perfect.

I love backless things!
I admittedly don't have the most traditional or classic style when it comes to clothes. To that point, I've been collecting a couple cut-out pieces that will go perfect with tan skin and warmer temps. 

This Picture 

What's something frivolous you've been loving lately? 


Ashley said...

My weekly half hot chocolate, half coffee treat from Tim Hortons...and shamlessly spending an hour online-window-shopping after C is in bed :)

Absolutely love those lyrics.

Unknown said...

that song. I LOVE THAT SONG.

sburton1130 said...

Oh Josh Duhamel. Be still my heart. I'm dying to see this movie! The book was sooo good.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I know, right? Since it is the South.. it will be here like two weeks after spring hits. Skip right to the good stuff lol.

I love pink and glitter nail polish!

I need a cutout dress. I saw a dress somewhere that had a heart cutout in the back. I want!

Shannon said...

I love the oversized clutch on that cutout picture. HOLY HELL IS THAT HOT!!!

P!nky said...

summersummersummersummersummersummersummer! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!

love the pic of the dad and the kid, precious!

Ashley said...

Love how this post turned out-- it's necessary to be frivolous sometimes :) Yes to Bachelor nights, yes to that adorable black dress and YES YES YES to summer! Hurry!!!

Whitney said...

I'm good friends with the aunt and uncle of the little girl in Safe Haven! Doubt I could steal her, but I could see about setting up a meeting for you two :)

Alex said...

I'm obsessed with that manicure. And that dress with the cut outs. Yes, please!!

Angel said...

love posts like this :) i honestly haven't gotten used to cutouts yet but i'm sure you ROCK them. love you!

Angel said...

and that little girl is adorbs. and the comment a few up from mine?!! she knows the aunt and uncle? that's crazy and SO cool!

Sienna said...

i LOVE catherine and sean! so happ y they ended up together!

Jenna said...

I'm loving morning cappuccinos - it's such an unnecessary cost, but they're also the perfect way to start the day :)

Also, LOVE the song.


Sara Louise said...

I've been loving my Girl Scout cookies. And hoarding them. Loving and hoarding, that's me.

Katie said...

Yes to cutouts and Ho Hey. That song is thee best.

Brooke said...

Those nails are totally adorable!

I am so looking forward to warm weather and sunshine too!

=) Brooke