Sunday, March 3, 2013

Currently I am....

Stealing... This blog post from about 5 other bloggers. 

Loving...The flurries this weekend. I know, I can't believe those words are coming out of my mouth either. 

Listening...this song. and this one. Over and over and over. 

Sitting... on my floor,'s actually more like "sprawling" instead of "sitting"....technicalities 

Excited for... seeing my BFF this month....we're seeing Taylor Swift in concert....I might be a tad excited for that too. 
Kayla and I when we were babies in college

Drinking...water. Water and chocolate milk are the only beverages I ever have. I'm about the best host one can have.  

Trying to...decide what color to paint my nails tonight. big things are happening in my household tonight, clearly. 
Essie - Off the Shoulder.
I need this Essie color! 

Thankful for... The Bachelor. #youthinki'mkidding #i'msonot This show is my guilty pleasure I look forward to every Monday. 

 Reading...blogs....which I am so happy for. Haven't had a chance to read any in like two weeks! 

Needing to... learn to cook. Dear Mother's of Attractive Boys, I swear I'm working on this. However, if your son happens to have an affinity for Captain Crunch...send them my way. future. No big deal.

Watching...Some Hallmark movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White in it.  

Suffering from...lack of sleep. I need more hours in the day! Sleep is always the first thing to go. 

Proud of...  Danielle for KILLING her marathon....and looking fresh as a daisy afterwards. 




julia rose. said...

Ahh that Essie color is gorgeous!! And I'm so jealous about your upcoming Tay Swazy concert! Is that a chicken in that man's hand??

Rorie said...

What is that essie color!?

Brittany said...

I need to paint my nails tonight too!!

And for real. Summer can not come fast enough!

Kiki said...

That color is gorgeous! i also need it!i love essie!! Totaly agree i hate when someone wakes me up!! i need my sleep!!

Jenna said...

I need more hours in the day too! Whoever invents a solution to this problem is going to be a billionaire... we should get on that :)

ps Now I'm craving captain crunch, and we don't have it in SA... devastating.

Shannon said...

Captain Crunch is pretty good. I actually ate "noname" Lucky Charms this week for the first time in ages.

But it was called "Magic Stars". Not as good.

Brooke said...

Oh I need that nail color. I also need summer to get here stat!

P!nky said...

LOVE these posts, so fun!


J and A said...

Love this. I NEED summer. Not want. Neeeeeed. :)

My-cliffnotes said...

I thought you wrote...sitting on the floor bloating lol

Traci Wood said...

I caught the end of that movie too... and cried like you wouldn't believe for the last five minutes of it. lol

Ashley said...

I stole this from you today! Ive been so bad about blogging lately, just wanted to stop by and say hello!! hope u are well lady!!
Ash xo

Angel said...

i'm so excited you're going to see t swizzle!! SO jealous, too though!
and that picture of tierra is priceless. i so wish i had time to keep up with all the episodes!! our schedules need to have a date with each other to coordinate a time we will both be home:)

Sara Louise said...

Sundays were made for Hallmark and Lifetime movies! It breaks my heart that I can't get those channels here.

Katie said...

Oh, as much as I love the snow, we got a big snow storm and I am ready for it all to melt. bring on the spring! Chocolate milk is the bomb.

Is it sad that I am someday hoping for a moment in my life that I can use the quote, "I can't control my eyebrow!" and weird everyone out? Because I am.

I'm totally with you on the learning to cook thing. I can make pasta. And canned soup.

natasha {schue love} said...

I too LOVE me some Bachelor!! So good!!