Monday, March 11, 2013

A House of Girls...And One Boy

Our house was full of girls growing up. 
No brothers. No male pets. Just my dad and a gaggle of girls.  

So while my mom was on her A-Game making sure we grew up to be modest, polite ladies, we'd occasionally find ourselves doing more "boy-ish" things with my dad. 
Most days were a balanced blend of baby dolls and duck-hunt in our house. 

For Christmas one year, Shannon and I requested Ken Dolls (Barbie was lonely - and randomly had quintuplets and no husband. #DreamhouseProblems). Apparently when mom and dad went Toys R Us shopping, Dad was appalled that all the Ken dolls had "earrings,"  "long hair" and "no pecs." Ken and Ken never made it under the Christmas tree that their places were "Ace" and "Duke".:...full size GI Joe's. The Barbie Dream House looked more like this in the Krieger living room least the neighborhood was well protected. 

And in between coloring and painting nails with mom, dad taught us some of the finer show tunes in life. Such as "Great Green Globs of Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts"

(This is not the best rendition....surprisingly, Youtube doesn't have many versions of this classic)

But my favorite? The one that would send me into laughing hysterics every time he would sing it..."Stranded...Stranded on a toilet bowl."
I couldn't find a video for "Stranded" least any that were blog appropriate but trust. It's a classic.

and if you think the story ends with GI Joe and Toilet songs, you'd be wrong. Today's version of visits home are a blend of shopping and Downton Abbey watching with mom and practicing stalker take-down methods with dad. Clearly it's important to be a balanced individual. 

Did you have brothers growing up? Or or are you an all-girl family too? 


P!nky said...

Ummmm love it! We were a house of girls but tomboys at heart. loved sports and getting dirty.

Daddy is/was army so he taught us all about being safe and serpentine running from a creeper.


Shannon said...

I had one brother and no sisters.

But if this little baby in me ends up a girl, I can see our family mimicking your family in a lot of ways! :)

Whitney said...

I have one whole 100% blood sibling, and hes a boy. thankfully though he's gay (and has been since he was 3 and wanted to dress up as Mary Poppins everyday). Then came along my younger 1/2 brother from my dad and stepmom. Next, my mom remarried a man with 3 sons. So now, I am one of 6 total children and the only girl. it comes in handy a lot. When mom or step mom takes me shopping, the boys dont get jealous or whine about why they didn't get new clothes (with the exception of the gay one, of course).

All of that being said, every male in my life (besides the younger brother who isn't of age, and the gay one for obvious reasons) are in the military. So i had a lot of playing "sniper" and "army man" growing up. it was fun, but i much prefer playing barbies with the gay one.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

hahaha - i remember the GI Joe's you got for Christmas! and now that you mention that song, i think it's gonna be stuck in my head all day!

Jenna said...

Haha - this is too great! I have a brother, but somehow I was the tomboy of the bunch. My dad was always dragging me to baseball games and on backpacking trips. I also like to think of it as being well rounded ;)

ps. Duck hunter is legendary!

Carly said...

I'm the complete opposite!

I have 4 other siblings - ALL BOYS.
It's so much fun being the only girl, I love it! But I did always wish I had a sister.

Navia said...

I have an older brother and sister. Since I am the youngest I was forced to be the goalie, catcher, and offense for all the sports my brother played. I still have the scars from some of things he made me do when I was 6/7 years old even now.

Heidi said...

I wish I had a sister! 2 older brothers, 10 years and 7 years older than me. It's really like I had 3 dads!

My-cliffnotes said...

Barbie dates GI Joe at my house too! But I have a brother 11 months older we just stole them!

Young and Fabulous said...


this is my family. My Mom, Dad, Me and My sister haha no brothers

poor dads.

but yes dad got us lots of Lincoln Logs, Legos, Tinker Toys, "Boy toys" so that he could play with them with us, but really they were for him haha

and the GI Joe barbie idea from your dad is genius.

miss you!!!


LaynahRose said...

I was definitely more boy than girl growing up. If I had a sister it probably would have been different, but was just me trying to show the neighborhood boys I could run faster and climb higher than them throughout my entire childhood

Katie said...

Hahaha I love it. I have two older sisters and my dad was so outnumbered. Growing up, we lived in an old farmhouse with only one bathroom- 4 ladies, one guy. Gosh, I feel bad for him :) His main retreat was his garage to fix up his old coupe, and there was a strict no-doll rule there!

Sara Louise said...

I have two older brothers and I swear I grew up in some sort of prisoner of war training camp.

Katie said...

I love this. In my family, it is just me and my older sister. No brothers. No boys. I kind of like it like that though.

Also, GI Joe's, in my opinion, are way hotter than Ken dolls. More manly.