Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 Things

1. I'm a horrible sleeper. I love sleep. I'm just bad at it. I think I think too much. I don't sleep through the night hardly ever and I don't sleep a lot. 

2. I love football and I come from a family that is hugely into football but I still don't understand what's going on 70% of the time. I couldn't tell you what a "punt" is to save my life. I just know that it's something you yell out occasionally along with "where is the defense?" real exasperated-like when your team isn't doing so hot.

3.  'I think I am smart unless I am really, really in love, and then I am ridiculously stupid' 

stolen from Taylor Swift (of course)

4. I'm very much a type A/perfectionist personality when it comes to things like work and school but am very much a type B/spontaneous personality in life.
this is SO on  my bucket list 

5. I'm getting my first hair cut in one and half years today...yes, I said years. And yes, I am ashamed of this. Talk about losing track of time. My split ends now have their own pulse and internal organs. 

But let's be real. We all know by "cut," I clearly mean "microtrim." Hairstylists love me.

What are 5 things about you?


Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

haha, microtrim! It's been years and I spazm when I hit the salon chair. I too order a microtrim and then tip as if it was a total makeover. Def a type A and B here, I've jumped off a rock similar to that when we lived Hawaii it's so liberating to be spontaneous when all else in life is so precise!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I haven't got my hair trimmed since October 2011. I don't really have any intentions to either haha. Every time that I went, they would cut off WAY too much, like basically over half an inch. It was so counter productive, because my hair was constantly the same length for a year.

I'm just stopping the split ends in their tracks, or at least trim them myself if I see any.

P!nky said...

I can just imagine you screaming at the tv, but internally going 'what is going on'!

I'm a bad sleeper too, just can't get it right.


Get the microtrim guuuuuuuurl!

Shannon said...

I cliff jumped on my honeymoon. It was faaaaantaaaastic.

And I hope you randomly yell punt while watching football games because that is really hilarious to me.

meghan said...

I totally lose track of time with haircuts too. It had been from July to January since I'd gotten one. Then my hairstylist wanted me to make another appointment for 6 weeks out. I did. It was yesterday. I thought to myself, "already? I don't need a haircut yet!" Good luck!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

the problem with my hair is that it grows like weeds. i just got it cut in december and it's almost as long as it was then. i'm thinking to hack it like miley so that i don't have to go back to the salon anytime soon. ;)

megan said...

ha, i loved #2. :)

Sienna said...

wow 1 1/2 years!? my hair gets ratty after like, 2 months! that's crazy!

Sara Louise said...

So are you getting bangs???

estetik said...

yes that's perfect post..i think you are having a good database for that all...this might be helpfull for both of us...thanks so much.

sburton1130 said...

I haven't gotten my hair cut in over a year, too! It's so long I just forget about it haha. I'm definitely due for a microtrim.

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

#1 is so me... and me and Megan will help you with #2, haha

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