Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Lessons

In reference to immune dad and I often joke that we have God-like genes. We never get sick. 
Like, ever.
I know...more Taylor Swift references. Someone slap me.

But when we get sick....

It is mighty and fierce and basically like Armageddon meets the Apocalypse 
or Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey...whatever.

So this week, with impending work travels, when my "half cold" turned into a full blown illness, I gave my said illness a deadline. That's right....I'd let this sickness hang out for the weekend but by Monday it had to be on its way out because I can't think of anything worse than being in the "snot phase" of a cold and trapped on a plane. #amirightoramiright?

So I went into full-on "operation wellness" mode......and in so doing, learned some very important lesson. 

I learned that you should not watch sad or romantic movies while being sick as it is extremely hard to cry and breathe at the same time when your nose is stuffed.

I learned that apparently in my mind, relaxing = snacking. I am never allowed to relax on my own again. During my "sick day" I took 17 naps and had 57 snacks. 

I learned that I am addicted to fitness. I work out every day and was having anxiety over not running or going to the gym. I confess that crunches and weights may have occurred sometime between nap 12 and snack 32.

I learned that while I heart some Vitamin D...duh...hello summer, I also heart some Vitamin C. I Juno'd a whole bottle of OJ and ate three grapefruits on Saturday. 

I learned that I should probably have an emergency contact that is not 4 hours away. I'm just going to start putting "911" as my emergency contact. No big deal. 

I learned that you should always, always, always spring for the Aloe Kleenex instead of being ghetto and toting around a toilet paper roll. 

How did you spend your weekend?



Carly said...

this is funny, I've literally just done a post about how I've had a horrible cold this weekend. I should have done what you did, though, and take naps and snack all weekend and I might actually be feeling more human today instead of worse. Lesson learned!

Hope you're feeling better today for your trip!

Katie said...

snacking happens when I am sitting on the couch all day too - sick or not! and I have the same thing with working out. well used to. getting pregnant and being told I can't work out for 2 months really through me off and taught me some lessons!!

Shannon said...

Ha, so many funny moments here. "Juno'd" as a verb was probably my favorite.

My husband insists on the 45 ply extra soft toilet paper, so often, our rolls of toilet paper are softer than our tissues. True story.

Jenna said...

Haha, I LOVE this! Glad to hear that you're feeling better friend. Relaxing also = snacking for me. I'm terrible. And The Vow... I may have gone through an entire box of kleenex.


The Pink Growl said...

Kleenex with aloe >>>>> then regular toilet paper!

Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

I always, ALWAYS purchase puff plus with lotion. it will change your life when you have a cold. snacking and relaxing do go well together. hope your feeling better!

Heidi said...

Dude. Flying while having a cold is one of the most painful things. Might be up there with giving birth.. probably. One time I seriously thought I was going to SCREAM. The cold made my ears pop at an extreme level and it was awful. It took my ears an entire day to go back to hearing level.

Hope you feel better!

P!nky said...

awwwww feel better love muffin :(!

LOVE OJ when I'm sick!


Katie said...

UGH SAME GIRL!!! Just getting mine! still carrying aloe tissues!

Erin said...

You sound like me. Without the working out part because I don't even do that healthy. The roll of toilet paper has made my nose chafe and flake and throb to all hell. I've contemplated attaching a chain to a tissue box in order to carry it around as a necklace

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh, my goodness - you poor thing! i have done that before, the whole toilet paper and always end up regretting it when my nose is raw and red! and totally loved the Juno ref because i am always downing OJ like it's my biz when i am sick.

hope you feel better. and if you need an emergency contact, i 45ish min away. it's better than 4 hours. ;)

Lindsay said...

ugh being sick is the worst! your lessons are hilarious. hopefully you're feeling better because having a cold & flying do not go together at all.

Lindsay said...
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Young and Fabulous said...


ok work trip please move closer to me!!

i hope you are feeling better my love and are not the sniffly sniffler on the plane! but its okay if you are because you are just too cute


Fit With Flash said...

ugh. i hate that ish. i'm the same way! not ever sick. but at least you rested. high five. and i'm with you on the aloe tissues. 'nother high five to whoever invented that ish.