Thursday, February 14, 2013


I've posted before that I write letters that I never send. Many of them, are to you. 
Even though I don't know you. 
Or maybe I do. 

Sometimes I pretend that I do. 
And in the past you've taken on various names as I was certain it was you. 
So you shouldn't be offended when reading these in the future if you happened to be called by another's name.

I'm afraid you will learn quickly  that I have lots of things to say...even if no one is listening  
Talking is my forte...hence, the blog.
And even though I'm not really one for fanfare or extravagance.. .I suppose this day conjures up more thoughts of you than usual. 

Right now you are a big question mark...your looks, your personality, even your existence. But I plan to know you. And I plan on hanging out for our whole lives.

You should know that I pray for you and that I imagine my prayers keep you out of all sorts of trouble and help you take on the world's problems real Indiana-Jones-style. 
I mostly pray for you to find your sense of direction as you seem to be incredibly lost finding your way to me.

But when you do, you'll turn me into one of those bloggers that gets to say "the husband," "the hubs," "the mr."...Only I'll probably still call you by your real name because that's not really my style. Ok, maybe sometimes I'll call you my hot and spicy lover. 

So though you are not yet a concrete aspect of my world , today I will love the thoughts of you. And the hopes of you. Because I already know you will be the best thing I will ever call mine. 



Jenna said...

So so sweet! I love this and I love you! You are going to make someone so happy :)


Carly said...

This put a little smile on my face, just lovely. He'll find his way to you, that I know!

Brooke said...

this is so perfect!

Katie said...

this is so sweet! keep praying for that man!

P!nky said...

So so sweet! I prayed for my future mister too, it made me feel connected.

I can't wait to watch you find your ONE!


jayme said...

you are so perfect. the man that will receive these letters and deserves these letters will be one heck of a catch! even if he is incredibly lost, it'll be worth it. you are so sweet, and this letter makes my heart so happy.

(but secretly, we already know his name. DASH. the hot and spicy lover)


Heidi said...

this is the best valentine post i've read today. much cooler than any other.

p.s. i wrote my future husband a letter when i was 16. sealed it up, put it in a safe place and then that safe place became lost in my mind and now i don't know where it is. your lucky this is saved in cyber space.

J and A said...

Awe! He will be one very lucky man to have found you.

Young and Fabulous said...

i love you ash this makes me smile :-)

your MISTA HUBBY HUB FRESH is out there...probably reading this now being like damn i need to get to Hot-Lanta to sweep this girl off her feet!

i love you girl and happy valentines day to YOU!!


arianapia said...

i was where you are. most of us were. your one and only will find you and you will make the "mister" very happy and you'll be amazed you could ever live without him.

happy valentine's day to you!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

beautiful! hot and spicy lover is so lucky!

Lindsay said...

Love this. Not gonna lie, kinda gave me a lump in my throat but put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.

Shannon said...

Are you kidding, Ashley!!? This made me cry. You worded this incredibly. Perfect, perhaps.

You deserve him. And you will find him. I know it.

Tiffany said...

I love this, Ashley. It's perfect! And I want you to promise you will call him the hot and spicy lover when he arrives!


Angel said...

i've read this three times already today and i love it so much. happy valentine's to one of my favoritest people ever:) i love you so much!

Jennifer said...

i absolutely love this! happy valentine's day!

Katie said...

this is so beautiful, ashley. i adore it. it was beautifully written.

My-cliffnotes said...

So sweet!!!

Alex said...

I am so glad that you'll call him your hot and spicy lover instead of hubs or mr. The former is definitely more fun!