Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Confess....Top People, Esther & Angeline Jolie Lips for magazine subscription deals.

I Confess...I commented on someone's blog post of the top people they'd want to meet that I would want to meet Taylor Swift and Jesus.....I just think the three of us would really get along. 


I Confess....I ate a doughnut on my way to the gym last Sunday 

I Confess....When I was reading Esther in the Bible this week, I went to Google her to see what she looked like #21stCenturyProblems

I Confess....It was on night three of eating a zuchinni casserole for dinner that I remembered said casserole had cheese and egg in it and I had left it out on the counter like it was some kind of baked good....instead of in the refrigerator...for four days. #stomachofsteelapparently

I confess....I nap almost every night. Technically it's probably more accurate to say I sit down on the couch and fall asleep around 7 but saying I nap sounds far less old-ladyish. #iam87yearsold

I confess.....I thought I was getting a fever blister from being stressed out at work on it turns out, I believe I  must have just had an allergic reaction resulting in Angeline Jolie Size Lips...but no fever blister. However...lip herpe chapstick....not the cheapest stuff you'll ever buy friends.

I confess...I learned how to make a fried egg last weekend. And by "learned" I mean I googled four different sites and was shocked to learn all you do is crack the egg...and leave it there. Of course I still told my co-worker I mastered a new recipe over the weekend.

......and just what do you confess?


Laynah said...

Shut up, did you really not know how to fry an egg? Hahaha that's funny. Wow that zucchini casserole looks yummy! You were just building your immune system up ;)

Becky said...

I think my favorite is the eating the donut on the way to the gym. Sounds like something I would do.

Becky said...

I think my favorite is the eating the donut on the way to the gym. Sounds like something I would do.

Fit With Flash said...

don't sell yourself short, girl. eggs are tricky muthas

Angel said...

haha love you! i'm proud of your kitchen achievements. ;)

Unknown said...

HAHAH!!! I imagine Esther as someone who looks good with no makeup for some reason. LOL That was hilarious. I just took a nap from 5-7. refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Cracks me up you googled Esther lol. I confess, I also fall asleep almost every night!

Shannon said...

I've never fried an egg either. Bahahaha. I can scramble a mean egg though. :)

Jess said...

Um, I nap regularly. I still haven't tried your zucchini casserole ... I really need to because it looks delish!

Oh, and I never "fry" my eggs. I melt a little butter, crack the eggs, then I put a little water in the pan and put a lid on and steam it. By the time the tops of the yolks get white, they're perfectly done. I guess you'd call them over-easy, but I don't flip them. lol

Jamie said...

Now I am going to be thinking about donuts for the rest of the night :)