Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hearts & Hates

This is my last post until Friday for the week. Thought I would save you all the visit here, unless you want to watch the URL bar change from "blogspot" to ".com" like I have been. I spent the better part of my Sunday clicking "refresh" and getting all excited. 

Yes, I am finally a dot com baby!

But on to the reason we're here today.
And that would be fashion.
Oscar fashion to be exact.

I haven't been too thrilled with the fashions this award season but I was so swept up in Sunday night's fashion. So many amazing gowns. I wish I had some kind of talent just so I could wear a fabulous dress....ok and use the mani cam on E! News. 


This may have been my favorite dress of the night. And she may be my most favorite actress ever. I think she's absolutely beautiful and I love that 9 out of 10 pictures are not her emerging from a hair salon or a club but rather at the park with her kids. 


I'm fairly certain my Barbie doll had this exact dress and I am just as entranced with it as I was when I was 5.

Uhhhh-dore her. And thought this gown was amazing for her big debut as an Academy Award Winner. Plus, have you seen this? Amazing. 

I think Kerry wears some of the most beautiful, girly dresses ever. I want to live in her closet! I mega-heart the red accents with this pink dress. Ok I changed my mind....THIS was my most favorite dress.



While I'm super proud of Jen for not wearing black, I think this dress is super boring. This silhouette looks bulky and the hair is too "every day" for the Oscars.

Loved the hair. Loved the makeup. But you should NEVER wear a dress that makes it look like it's negative 30 degrees inside. 

I know Amanda hit a lot of best-dressed lists but this looks like bad prom dress from Cache to me. And  I don't dig the pompadour hairdo. 

ADELE....Does Adele have a last name?
I would like to set fire to all of Adele's black dresses. We've seen this look no less than 345 times.


Brandi's middle name is "subtle"....said no one ever.

Who did you heart?
Who did you hate?



Allison said...

That video of JL is awesome!!! And that last quote...subtle...hilarious. Loved this post. :)

Young and Fabulous said...

agreed with EVERY SINGLE THING on here!!

anne's cone boobs. OMG.

and brandi?!?! i lost it when i saw her. First of all, why was she even there! second of all, WHY WAS SHE THERE!

im also obsessed with jennifer lawrence. She is so flipping cute!

I hearted Kerry Washington for sure, also George Clooneys arm candy Stacy Keebler. Does that girl EVER look ugly? DAMN!


Shannon said...

And how womenly beautiful is J.Garner's shape?!?! Perfection all around.

jayme said...


I'm like a proud stage mom. haha

P!nky said...

ummmmmmmmmmmm so exciting!

a dot com, way to go girlie!!!


Jenna said...

I also loved Jennifer Garner... she looked stunning! Adele and Anne Hathaway... not so much.

Congrats on the .com :)


Tiffany said...

The video of JLaw had me in tears. She's so funny. And seriously, Brandi is horrible. Horrible. How did she even get invited?


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i always look forward to your red carpet posts, girl! agreed with MOST of these for some reason i was not the biggest fan of kerry washington's dress but i did love amanda seyfried's. i also loved Jessica Chastain's neutral and red lips ensemble so much!

congrats on the .com again!

Virginia Belle said...

This is such a fun post! I'm with you, I absolutely love both Jennifers. And what in the world was Brandi thinking, way way too much boob!

Angel said...

oh my gosh that video is HILARIOUS. so so funny. definitely a fan of her now! i saw her in hunger games, but silver lining playbook looks SO good! and yay for the dot com :)

My-cliffnotes said...

I don't get why Brandi even went

Taylor said...

Anne Hathaway was a freaking train wreck!!! I couldn't believe she wore that and her dress after the oscars was10x better than that one!! I never saw Jennifer Aniston until you posted it and I completely agree with you, it looks like a dress that was supposed to be worn at prom, kind of cheap-ish looking.

Jennifer Garner...who is married to my supposed to be husband(yes I love that scruffy face Ben Affleck) she is always amazing and just a natural beauty who I don't. Think has to try to look good!

I didn't get to watch the oscars so I am glad you are keeping me up to date

Alex said...

I gasped in a bad way when I saw that Brandi character. Who is she, even!?

Sara Louise said...

I was already borderline obsessed with J-Law, and this Oscars put me right over the edge!