Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friday's Letters...The Half Cold, A Tantrum & Silver Linings

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me and Danielle

Dear Body....Enough with the half colds and sore throats. I'm rapidly becoming that annoying person that always has some kind of illness. Dear Danielle....I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that we ran in the pouring rain and 30 degree weather this week. Dear Blog Readers....I am ashamed to admit that I had a full-blown adult tantrum yesterday morning when I couldn't find a pair of pants. In all fairness, I also couldn't find my Nike shoe chip. Dear Silver Linings Playbook....You were kind of an awesome movie. Friends have you seen it? Thoughts?

Dear New Jersey....We meet next week. Please be kind to me as I basically have the lowest tolerance for cold in the whole entire world. Dear SHAPE Magazine's Diva are tomorrow. And me and my half cold and Whitney-who-I'm-trying-really-hard-not-to-get-sick are totally going to dominate you in the 80% chance of rain. #wearetotallygettingsick

Dear Friends, Happy  Friday

BIG SHOUT-OUT to Danielle who is running her first MARATHON Sunday!! 

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XO,  A


Kristina said...

I live in Northern NJ. You may luck out with some 40 degree temps next week. Good luck. its been a sh*tty winter!!! LOL

Erin said...

New Jersey is so close to New York! You should maybe think about switching up your stays and coming to mine instead :)

Jess @ Pretty Physicist said...

I am so waiting until I read the book to see the movie ... I can't wait!

Uh, how did I not know that you'd be in the Dirty Jerz?? Any chance that I could take a quick trip and we could grab a drink or dinner or something? Or are your days packed SOLID with work?

Stephanie said...

You and Danielle are such inspirations!!!!

jayme said...

did you know that jen {lawrence} and her brothers/my friends and one of their wives are staying at jake gyllenhaojiwef (i don't know how to spell that name) house right now?

i'm so hip with the famous peeps. i even have texted photos to prove my coolness. what? what? i'm practically a celeb.

Anonymous said...

Your an awesome friend for braving the rain with me on Monday. Without you & Whit, I would NEVER be attempting this marathon on Sunday. Thanks for all the support!

PS - can I just say that I LOVE making your blog! Let's do TONS of fantastic things together this year that you can write about :)

shay said...

Aw, you're coming up to Jerz... to fist pump? LOL i kid... its supposed to be a little warmer than it was this week at least!

and i'm dying to see Silver Linings Playbook. Everyone is talking about how good it was!

Jen said...

The half colds.... this has been my issue lately. For a week I was complaining to everyone about being sick but not completely sick and knowing it was gonna get worse but then it never really would.. it'd just morph into some other kind of half-cold.
I hope you have a great Diva Dash.. here's to hoping the rain will hold off for you so you don't get a full cold!!

Shannon said...

OMG You're going to the NE?? I can't wait to see how you do! Hee hee.

My-cliffnotes said...

I want to see that movie so bad!