Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A New Challenge

We run in the morning.
In search of some running buddies to get you motivated? Washingtonian has put together a list of free fun run groups in the area that will get you moving every day.
We run before the sun is up, before it even dares meet the sky
We run in the cold. When the heat of your breath makes translucent puffy clouds against the crisp air.
We've run in the rain, blinking through the drops and often thankful for its refreshing coolness.
We run in the summer....in the blazing hot temperatures that sometimes make it hard to catch your breath and leaves your clothes and hair drenched. 
We run in packs, sharing stories, jokes, dreams and advice.
Sometimes we run alone, pressing on and needing the sole mental focus inside your own head just to finish.
26.2! Training and completing my first marathon was one of the most difficult and rewarding things I've done. I'd love to form a running group with any interested NYU peers! 

I basically adore running. And I run a lot.
Every week brings a standard routine of 20 or so or more miles where I know when my alarm goes off at an obscenely early time, there will be 2 or 3 or 10 other crazy runners waiting at the local Starbucks to run too. 

So Saturday when I woke up, I knew I had a planned 6-mile run ahead of me. But I realized it was the perfect day for a race. And then I realized it hadn't run a race in forever....and I craved one. I instantly had race fever and I craved the challenge of pushing past others to cross that finish line in record time.

And then I found it....as I was watching Kelly and Micheal as I always do at night, making dinner....I found the new challenge I'm dying to do. The Race of  a Lifetime....The Empire State Building Run-Up. 

Though I don't know where I'll be in February of next year....I think it would be amazing.  

So who's in bloggers?



Jess said...


Anonymous said...

I say YES!! But my calves are screaming no no noooo. For real though, this looks amazing! If for no other reason than that Kelly did it so I want to, too. In my mind, she's my bestie, duh.

P!nky said...

PICK ME! I'll do it!


Young and Fabulous said...

WOW!!! I have never heard of this omg ash you have to!! I would completely do it with you too!!!! seems so challenging, rewarding, and FUN!!

oh god i just love Kelly Ripa. I want her to be my real life friend hahah

seriously though this is amazing and I am so down


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i will cheer you on the sidelines with my big bowl of reeses' cereal. ;)

My-cliffnotes said...

Ill cheer you on too. You can totally beat her time!

Erin said...

I'll make you a big amazing, glittery sign and cheer so loud for you!!!! :)

meghan said...

That's awesome! Great goal! And it'll be so different than any other running goal. Cool find. And I love Kelly and Michael. I love days off so that I can watch them.

Jamie said...

I might be in. Seriously. You do the planning and I will drive in and join you.

Heidi said...

you are my hero.

Fit With Flash said...

ummm.... eff that ish. ; ) but i'll offer some training tips if you'd like any!

Sixth Tractate said...

I love your blog!! Great post as well. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx