Monday, January 28, 2013


Yesterday was my first day volunteering at our church's middle school program, called Transit. 

I thought for awhile about where I wanted to volunteer....

Babies? Not a fan of the limp noodle/if you look away their head is rolling like a scene from the exorcism phase 
I know...cutest limp noodle ever! I want to steal her. 

Parking? HA! I can barely park my own car. I am in no position to tell others how to park theirs

High Schoolers? As much as this was my first choice, they don't meet until Sunday night and , let's be real...mama is in her pajams with a Bior pore strip and Crest whitening strips on watching Downton Abbey on Sunday night. 

Seating? This one seems easy enough but you have to ask people to "please move to the left"...what if they say no?! What do you do then? 

So I decided on middle schoolers. And yesterday was SO fun. I didn't do much but check the tator tots in but I love this age group. They are so diverse at this time in their lives....there were really tall ones and ones that hadn't yet met their growth spurt. 

There were proper ones with their Master's polo and embroidered belt with pleated khakis and there were edgy ones with Justin Bieber haircuts, puffy vests and skater high tops.

There were the "yes ma'am-ers" and the "yeah-ers." 

There were the smilers and the eye-rollers. 

There were the  girls who looked like they had outfits straight off Pinterest and those who still dressed like they shared a closet with Punky Brewster. 

It was so much fun to be around kids. So much energy and, surprisingly, still so much innocence. I loved seeing them excited to come to church, to see their friends, to play each other in a round of pool or Wii football (yeah, church has the setup...I wanted to ask them if I could come hang out there on a Friday night) or talk about hair and stick-on-nails over a Krispy Kreme. All in all, a successful Sunday. 

How was your Sunday? 


Katie said...

so cool that you are doing that! I'm sure they will think you are awesome!!

P!nky said...

That's so cool, mad props. Middle schoolers need good role models. But, eeeep, I do'nt like that age, cause they get attitudes!

Gimme the babies that don't talk back, haha!


Altax said...

Cool pictures!!!

Kids Games

Brittany said...

That is so awesome. I personally prefer the babies and can't deal with the moody preteens haha

Jamie said...

Omg that's a cute baby.

Ashley said...

Good for you, Ash! Your Sunday sounds pretty interesting.

Joi said...

Hi Ashley! I'm a GA girl from Macon visiting by way of the GA bloggers site. I'm new to blogging, just introducing myself (Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady). So nice to find that site and all of these amazing GA bloggers. Your throw back pictures were adorable. I'm sure your really did indeed enjoy putting that together and reminiscing. Sunday was blessed as usual. Hats off to you for volunteering and being involved in ministry work. I'm following now. Hope to stay connected.

Erin said...

Haha oh my god that little babe of a nugget is too cute. I'd obviously pick babies over middle schoolers. That's the most awkward age ever.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

haha, loved this! i'm right there with you - not against babies at all but i'm more about hanging with those jr. highers or high schoolers.

and heck yeah, don't mess with momma and her downtown abbey time. i'm right there with you. speaking of DA, catching up with last night's episode today - gah! everyone keeps talking about it!

Ginger said...

Ha! You are brave! I have middle school for about 14 long I forget exactly.

Britt said...

How wonderful you are volunteering! I am assuming it is at NPCC? The church opened when I was in high school and I loved going to all the event. My husbands and my 2nd date was at a NPCC HS event. My youngest sister was always super involved growing up and to this day still stays in touch with her middle school Sunday school teacher (10 years later). What a great influence you are on these kids!

My-cliffnotes said...

Aww that sounds fun, middle schoolers are a fun age

Shannon said...

Good for you! I think it's great you're doing that. And middle schoolers seem scary to me, so I'm glad you are finding them fun!

Ashley said...

I love this! Kids are definitely the best entertainment. Sometimes I am SO exhausted leaving work, but then I think, I just got to spend my day laughing (and learning, haha) with a bunch of nine year-olds. Not too shabby.

Angel said...

sounds so fun! i still haven't watched downton but i want to!

Katie said...

I love it! Middle schoolers are so full of awkard-goodness. Can't wait to hear more stories :)

Rissy said...

I thought they were just really excited to be at church ... until you said krispy kreme.. and then I remembered how I looked forward to sundays for the donuts. Shame on me.

You're the sweetest though for volunteering there. Go you!

Katie said...

That sounds wonderful. And thank goodness, for good middle schoolers! Don't see enough of those kind of kids.

I love sundays. They are the best
My church is on sunday nights and I love getting to relax all day plus plenty of time to get ready and then at 4 we head to church which is about an hour away. Our services are excellent & I love getting to see everyone that I am getting to know from bible study. Plus, the guy I like goes there(and is in my bible study) so if I get to say hi to him that starts my week out pretty good too haha

I hope you have a wonderful sunday tomorrow. Sorry for commenting so late! eep.