Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The other day I got a letter from the Wells Fargo in the mail. I must be the target credentials for credit cards because I get mail from Citi Bank at least three times a week. (Dear Citi Bank....if you're reading this, I'm not applying for your credit ever. Save your money on direct mail). I was going to trash it but had exactly 35 seconds left on the microwave to kill until dinner was done and I was bored so I opened it. 

And I realized that I somehow have a retirement fund through work. Granted, right now I could afford a cheeseburger, fries and a small flurry on my retirement fund...but it's there nonetheless.

And I started to think, where would I retire? I used to think I would live in Atlanta for ever and always but, you never know where life can take you.....  

Maybe I'll move back to my beautiful Beaufort by the Sea

Maybe I'd take a huge leap and go be all Lauren Conrad on the West Coast somewhere

Maybe I'd buy a beach house on my favorite beach in Charleston 
Folly Beach Pier

Or maybe I'd move to Houston where I could wear my cowboy boots all the day long and be real-life BFF's with this crazy couple

The World America is my Oyster. #iheartAmerica 

The Northeast, Midwest and Northwest get no retirement love......#sorryi'mnotsorry. Until one of your states makes friends with the 90s (as in temperature, not the decade) and some beach land, we will be vacation friends only. 

Where would you move if you could?


Heidi said...

I have moved waaaayyy too many times in the last 2 years. All I want is to go back home. Oklahoma. As lame as it sounds. It's the best place I've been yet. And I get to wear my cowboy boots again :)

But I would soo have a winter home here in south Florida. Oh man, Miami is fun!

Miranda said...

um yah. I live in the midwest but i wouldn't want to retire here. I don't want stifling hot but i would love a winter home :)

Angel said...

haha. i love this post. as you know, i'm DYING to travel but right now i think i can see myself retiring back in beaufort. that may change once i see more of the world. ;)

Brooklyn McKenna said...

I want to move to California. Or Florida. I just love Disneyland and sunshine haha

Samantha said...

The midwest could you some love... we have country fairs ... :)

My-cliffnotes said...

Hahahaha then I say summers in the PNW, 90s no humidity and no tax!

Shannon said...

I'd probably annoyingly just follow my children and grandchildren around. If they moved to East OldFart, Iowa, then I guess I would too.

Rissy said...

hahaha oh how I miss reading your blog... I am dedicating myself to catching up for the next hour-ish

Jamie said...

I would move back to Southern California, for sure. This northeastern business is for the birds.

Young and Fabulous said...

AHHH retirement!!!

my old job i had the 401k thing and it scared me when i signed up for it i was like ummm retirement holy crap thats so far away!!

you should move to anyyyyy of those places! ESPPP texas :-) then id move in with you and we can live happily ever after in our BLOUSE (blog house, not to be confused with shirt hahah)

i think id like to settle somewhere warm eventually...charleston is defiantely a top on my list, or anywhere on the coast of south carolina! BEAUTIFUL there!

and yeah i hear ya...northeast..we are COOLLDDD! :-(


megan said...

I wouldn't move very far actually..just to Johns Island on a deep water lot! :)

arianapia said...

Put away every penny you can spare now! You will thank yourself one day! That is what I tell all the young employees we hire anyway...Seriously...think about it.

It's a good investment in your future even if it's sooooooooooo far away.

and as for the northeast....not a good retirement place! tooooooo chilly brrrrrrrrr

Alex said...

You need to come for a Houston visit!!!

Shalyn said...

Omg ash! I just now saw this! PLEASE move here! I would die of happiness! :) LOVE YOU!

Katie said...

We are total opposites. Places I would choose to live would be probably in Washington or somewhere in New England. I like cold places haha.

Although I've always wanted to live in Texas. But I'll probably live in Indiana for the rest of my (hopefully) long life.