Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Andy Stanley says we all need "margin" in our lives.....margin in our schedules. margin in our relationships. and margin in our finances. and just what is margin you ask? it's the difference between our current schedule and our capacity. 

it's that "aahhhhhh" breathing room to just enjoy your life. 

My to-do lists look different these days. My ever-growing work "must get done this week" to-do list consumes most of my hours and thoughts lately. And my personal to-do list somehow finds its way to the bottom.....Things like: 

-write meaningful blog posts. ones i look back on and like to re-read

-do my ab challenge that I agreed to do with Danielle for the next month....before 11pm.
Me and Danielle....she's we're going to have abs of steel!

....read blogs....read all the ones i love and find new ones...not just the 5 or so i  have time for these days. and respond to emails. so many times i read a blog comment on my phone and die laughing and think "oh my gosh i have to write her back...that is HI-larious"....and time slips away from me.
this is basically my perfect Friday night. #dontjudgeme #oldsoul

.....enjoy people. put the phone on mute. focus on conversations. engage

.....write friends back. i have a handful of people i'm "pen pals" with. by the time i write back i have more stories than they probably want to hear

....to be a tourist in my own town. though i've lived here for almost two years there are huge landmarks i have yet to even see. must take advantage of these while i can. 

....journal. capture some of these moments in life while i remember. you'll never see how much you've grown until you read an old journal 

....sleep. for more than  5 hours
there was a picture of a really pretty lady sleeping......i chose this one instead. 

creating margin....that is on my to do list.....for next week :) 
(apparently in my mind, margin also means learning  how to do a stripper hair flip Pamela Anderson style)

How do you create margin?


Katie said...

lots of good things on this post! i used to write in a journal and wish I still did! and that looks like a perfect friday night to me!

P!nky said...

Such a great post. Putting the phone on mute is key, i'm trying to do that too.

Journaling is fun, and I get it. I find that my blog has become my journal. but there are times I wish I could be more personal in posts, butI don't want EVERYONE to read my thoughts. Ok I'm weird.


Ashley said...

that is my idea of a good friday night too by the way, have a fab day pretty girl!

Brooke said...

the girls I mentor and I just did this whole study on Andy Stanley and margin : ) I love this post!!

Katie said...

Amen, amen. I love all of these things and honestly wish I would do them a little more too.

When I'm not working I tend to just be lazy. What a waste. And I never enjoy it either.

And your perfect friday night looks pretty dang enjoyable to me. I like your socks too haha

The Pink Growl said...

love that 1st & last pic! They are both just perfect!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

5 hours of sleep? Girl, I would be dead! Deadddddddd.

Heidi said...

i hate cats. but this cat sleeping showing everything is awesome. that's a cool cat.

p.s. great post, and great reminder to slow down.

J and A said...

I love this post. Just great. :) Hugs to you Ash.

Amanda said...

shut the front door. i was just listening to that sermon last night and was totally thinking about posting about it haha. yours is way better. that was a really great sermon though!

jayme said...

aaaamen, sistah! is it creepy to consider your blog as a "margin" bc i find it as a breath of fresh air in this crazy life o' mine!

i love to plan lazy nights, and sometimes i say no to events to have some open space in my schedule.


Erin said...

Awesome post! I love all of them. Especially the stripper flip and tourist in your own town ones. I need to conquer both of these as well

Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

This is a great post and something I needed to read! I have a prayer journal, but don't really journal anything else. I'm trying to take back time for myself and focus on the things that make my family and me happy, but that's often challenging because of all the obligations we have. I need to be better.

Ashley said...

Love this post! So many things that I totally want to do myself-- starting with the journaling and ending with the snail mail :) I can totally relate!

choose to be happy blog said...

I heard this was the new series at Buckhead Church - I am sad I missed it! I need to go because work and life have been so crazy lately. I can get so caught up in oh I have to do this this and this this this. and really do forget to breathe. Unless, bachelor is on. I make time for that. maybe I need to also rearrange my priorities?

Katie said...

Mmm I love this. Self care is so important for everyone...especially crazy busy people like you! And please, please steal that cat for me. Adorable.

Sara Louise said...

I have no idea how to create a margin but I'm really digging your list.
And do you see your dream Friday night - I'm doing that ALL weekend! (minus the Starbucks of course... GRRR). Can't wait!

Brianna said...

such a great post! I really have no excuse for letting things go... I just get reeeeal lazy after work and want to do nothing except get in my pjs and watch tv! eek!

Unknown said...

I would love to have a pen pal, if you have room for one more :)