Monday, January 14, 2013

I Confess: Southern Accents, Being Royal & Negotiating

I confess I was really sad about taking down my Christmas decorations but then the Wednesday after Christmas I was looking at my tree and was immediately over it....just like I de-Christmas'd my house at 10pm.

I confess I dreamt last week that me, my mom and sister went to Kate and William's wedding. Three days later I dreamt I was asked to become the next British princess....apparently my subconscious believes I should be royal.
Cheerio....Yes, I would fancy a crumpet...Cheers! 

I confess....I never thought I had an accent until nearly every single one of you commented on my "southern accent" here...maybe I should get out of the south more ;)

I confess.....I've been trying to watch new TV instead of just letting Real Housewives play on TV all day long. I really think it's trash, I'm just too lazy to search through the channels for other background noise. So I decided on Pretty Little Liars since I've heard so many great reviews. But after five minutes....I had to turn it. That show is scary! There were girls getting abducted and crap....that is way too scary for this girl. Basically anything that is a feasible possibility of becoming a reality, is too scary. Back to botox and boobs for me.

I confess....I was very impressed my negotiation skills upon joining the gym this weekend. The salesman told me there were two packages....Package A with a $299 initiation fee and Package B with a $250 initiation fee. I told him "OR Package C in which is there is no initiation fee."......I got Package C. :)

I confess I was going to blog about Golden Globe fashion but....I was bored by it. I wasn't impressed by any of the dresses or hairdos....except for Jessica Alba who is always perfect. So here is my recap. 

Jessica Alba was beautiful. The End. 

What do you confess?


Brianna said...

Taking down Christmas is always the saddest day for me!!!
I am obsessed with Will & Kate! OBSESSED. I want to be her. You obviouslyyyyy are fit to be a princess!!!
PLL is one of my favorites! But yes, totally creepy haha
Love your recap bahaha She really was flawless!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I looooooove PLL. Seriously, I am so beyond obsessed with it. It's definitely scary, but I just can't quit it!

There is nothing wrong with a little Southern accent :) I find myself getting really excited whenever I meet someone from the South out here, you can always tell and they are way more friendly! I miss that Southern hospitality!!

I really loved a lot of the dresses last night...I definitely have boring taste :) I love simple, classic looks and they were everywhere last night!

Faith said...

Hahaha I watched PLL by peeking behind my hands. Trust me, if I can watch it, you can.

You are royal! ;)

Heidi said...

You really need to give PLL another shot. And watch in the daylight, with the lights on. That's what I have to do. But it's soo good. Promise.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I'm thinking about watching PLL. I've never seen it before. I watched your vlog, and your accent is super adorable!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Two things:
1) Don't you DARE do ANYTHING to RUIN your southern accent
2) Pretty Little Liars is my jam! I'm so mad I totally forgot about that shiz comin back on!

Unknown said...

Wow! you are looking so beautiful I have no words through i could explain your beauty.

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Rorie said...

Hahaha yay! Glad I wasn't the only one less than thrilled by the golden globes!

P!nky said...

You are so royalty, DUH!

I watched the first season of PLL, but then thought, this is dumb and weird.

You should watch elementary, it's awesome. Kind of CSI without the gore. And funny!

jessica alba, is there anything she CAN'T DO!?!?

Shannon said...

Good job negotiating! We just got a LA fitness right by my house and it looks jacked up inside. (as I drive by it to get to Chipotle - sad face )

jayme said...

jessica alba was totes def my fave too!

Katie said...

THANK YOU. You just saved me at least 2 hours of my life trying to get into PLL. I keep hearing how awesome it is, but now I know the truth :)

julia rose. said...

Haha you crack me up!! I have to watch PLL during the day or with friends to avoid being too scared to fall asleep... BUT it is soooo good!!
And girl, you are royalty, duh.

Erin said...

Anything that could possibly happen in real life is too scary. Yes yes yes! But then again, Samara crawling out of my tv isn't likely and I still piss my pants.

Lacey in the City said...

I do like the Pretty Little Liars show, but I haven't watched it recently. I love Revenge, but if you don't like scary stuff, you probably wouldn't like that one either. And my Southern accent only comes out after a few cocktails or when I speak with someone else from the South! I've not lived in South Carolina for 11 years now, and it still pops up from time to time :)

Katie said...

I am a tv show addict. PLL is very good but believe me there are even creepier parts later on in the show but it is rather good.

Revenge is amazing and always has a twist planned definitely one of the better shows on tv nowadays.

I've also been watching Chicago Fire. And it really is not that good of a show at all. Kind of boring really but yet I still have to watch it. And me and my mom call it the "sexy firemen" show when we talk about it.

And if you have netflix, which idk if you do but just throwing this out there, an old show like Friday Night Lights is sooooooo good. I can't get over the amazing actors and scripts. I am currently working on the 2nd season and I adore it so much.

end of Katie's what you need to watch list.

Fit With Flash said...

I KNOW. e'erbody loved Kerri Washington's dress. I though she looked like a curtain... bad photo maybe?

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

I missed out on the golden globes red carpet this year so glad to hear I didn't miss much. And yeah I keep hearing that PLL is the best but it is downright creepy. I didn't last too long watching it either. I think I will have to try it again - when im not home alone and in broad daylight!

choose to be happy blog said...

Funny about de-Christmasing… my bosslady – she took her Christmas tree down on NEW YEARS EVE. I was like whaaaaaaaaat? But I took mine down 1/5. It was weird, I always dread it. but I woke up that morning. and was like yes. Tree. is down. I am getting organized. And it felt good! PLL (isn’t it fun to write in tv code) – ok you know im scared of it too – but something about it pulls me in! I started watching pretty recently so I feel a little confused by mona and A and what exactly happened but I still find myself watching. And laaastly – LA fitness! Go girl! you and stone, gym buddies! that was the best story. It made me happy. even if you two didn’t talk. But at least you sort of know he exists. And im not making him up……….. or…am…….. i.

Sara Louise said...

You're right, Jessica Alba nailed it!
And of course you got Package C - Princesses don't have to pay initiation fees.