Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Kind of New Year

When I say "New Year's"...what's the first thing that pops to mind? 

I'm sure for most it would be sparkly dresses, champagne toasts, spending all night at a club with an overly-loud DJ playing way too much Bruno Mars and Rhianna (You thought I was going to say Taylor Swift huh? Only, there is no such thing as "too much Taylor")....and maybe a midnight smooch. 
And those are all the things I envision for New Year's too....which is probably why I don't heart this holiday. Don't get me wrong....the sparkly dresses I love. LOOOOVE. But after the dress is on and the pictures for the blog for memories are taken, I'm over it. I'm not a big bar scene person. Old soul anyone? And though in my mind, I'm a superstar dancer....I prefer to really showcase my moves in the privacy of my own living room. I tend to be more of a wall flower when placed in the middle of bumpers and grinders. And by that I mean clinging to the outskirts and giving every bumpee and grinder the LOD (look of death). 
Funny Thinking of You Ecard: No you can't dance with me. But you can dance next to me.
My life....true story. 

So this year, my girls and I decided to do something different.....and quite the opposite of the traditional New Year's. We skipped town and went hiking. This was my first experience hiking (my family and I aren't really "outdoorsy" people....we're more the Disneyland, Hawaii, football vacation people). And so it was.....new...and muddy.....and hard....and muddy....
coordinating hiking attire is totally essential

this was what they called "the trail"...i know....it looks like a mound of rocks...that's what i said....but, they insisted this was in fact "the trail" 

the top! ahhh nature! But seriously.....where's the beach?

We stayed the night in the most adorable Bed & Breakfast that I believe was originally built for hobbits in 1873. Everything was so little and perfect. 
Doesn't it look like Santa is just going to pop out of that fireplace at any time? 

And after having dinner out in town......

and taking pics
does anyone NOT walk buy these and not sit on them while wearing their 2013 glasses?

we rang in our New Year with about 15 Seventy-year-olds in singing old show tunes. 

You think I'm kidding.

Great balls of fire anyone? 

So even though my body still feels glitter deprived and I get a small twitch every time I look at other girl's NYE Facebook pictures, I actually loved the way I brought in the New Year....just me, a couple of my girls....and a passle of ancient strangers. 

Who could ask for more? 



Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

You are adorable, and this is awesome. I'm so not a NYE person either...I haven't gone out for it in years! I prefer a night in on the couch, with lots of food and maybe some champagne :)

Happy New Year sweet friend! Hopefully I'll be seeing you again SOON!

Ashley said...

Ah this looked like so much fun! I think I much rather the way you gals ring in the new year :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

Hahaha. I LOVE it. This was the first year I actually went all out! Love hiking. It's always best to look cute while doing it ;) My hubby doesn't understand that.

Sara Louise said...

I'm so over the whole big crowd/ big party scene (RE: I'm old) so this NYE sounds like heaven to me!

Carly said...

That looks like a fabulous New Year's. I'm so over the partying for New Year's, I may have to take a leaf out of your book for next year.

Shannon said...

I love your New Years plans. I'm sure it will be one you will always remember! :)

Like you, I'm not about large discoball parties, so we threw a Rock Band party at the house with about 15 of our closest friends and it was a lot of fun. No pressure. Good food. And I may have just sang "Call Me Maybe" that night. ;)

Ashley said...

Lol, I love your honesty! I'm a serious dancer too...in my kitchen that is! I love to boogie while cooking dinner or cleaning. Thank goodness there are no videos of that! I like that y'all had a low key NYE! I'd def like to do something like that!

Happy New Year, Ash! Cheers to a new year :)

Unknown said...

That is such a GREAT idea! I hate the whole reserved table at a crowded club scene. May have to borrow this for next yr! :) cheers <3

J and A said...

This is perfect!!! such a great idea. We dressed in lulus and hoodies for NYE. :)

Jamie said...

Sounds like a perfect way to bring in the new year!

Erin said...

I am the same way about dancing at bars! But here it's really just clubs and lounges so I stick to sports bars. I despise random dudes coming up to me and asking my ass if it would like to dance with them. At least that's how I see it go down anyway

Heidi said...

i'm with you on NYE...it's all so overrated to me.

this sounds like a much better way to do it!

Alex said...

haha this sounds awesome!! I'm not a NYE person either. It always disappoints. Also, love the singing old people!!