Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Confess

It's been awhile. And Wednesday is as good a day for confessions as any other....

I confess I ate enough last Sunday to rival that of a pregnant woman with triplets. There may or may not have been McDonalds involved.

I also confess that I then ate a bunch of veggies because MORE healthy calories totally negate the nine billion bad-for-you calories. Duh.

I confess, when stuck in traffic next to a car with a young man blaring rap music about "b's and ho's," I rolled down my back windows and blared Taylor really, really loud. He totally started laughing....and turned down his music. Turns out your taste is not everyone's.

I confess, I am sick. But I refuse to admit that I'm sick, because "sick" does not fit into my schedule right now. Take that body. 
Funny Get Well Ecard: I look forward to spending time with you once there are no remaining traces of your minor cold.

I confess I got on the elliptical at the gym and then got off and got on the treadmill because I felt like people were judging me as a wimp #workoutissues 

I confess that I don't know how people live in the Midwest...and I must have said this 900 times while in Colorado. If my husband had put me in a covered wagon and drove me out West and I survived one winter out there, I would demand him to put me back in the wagon and drive me the heck back to the coast.

I confess, I need to amp up my workout playlist. What's your favorite workout song ever? 



Brooke said...

That's great how you bumped the Taylor Swift! Lol.

=) Brooke

Shannon said...

Your picture of McDonald's fries is front and center in my reader. Not fair. Because I want them. And my already too tight pants say it's physically impossible for me to have them. Boo.

Angie said...

hahaha...I completely agree with you on the elipitical! I never do it because I feel like that's the lazy way to work out.

meghan said...

These are too funny. I definitely think if you eat healthy calories they're like a vacuum for unhealthy ones. And blasting the Taylor Swift and getting that kind of response must have been too funny! I wish I'd been there to see it. My favorite two motivational songs right now are "The Champ" by Nelly and "Hall of Fame". Both of them have been used as the ESPN bowl series theme songs for the last two years, and they inspire me and help me think of how much time and energy I've put into all this training. When they come on during the marathon I know I'll cry, but that's okay.

jayme said...

i confess i just thought about that time you and the possessionista were besties. random thought.

Erin said...

I do the same exact thing with eating. Inhale a bunch of crap and then go crap and then stuff some carrots in there afterwards. And then I'm all like well that's great Erin you just are even more calories.

That Taylor Swift thing you pulled? Genius.

P!nky said...

Hahah blasting taylor swift is awesome!

Here's a post I did on my TOP workout music tunes!

Cruel Summer by Blestenation and Outta My Head by Ashlee SImpson are my GO TOS when I need a pump up!


emily said...

Blasting T-Swift...literally laughing out loud at work! hahah. Rock it girl!

Katie said...

i have been eating quite unhealthy lately! I should eat some veggies to counter it. ;)

Unknown said...

We survive the midwest with lots of cuddling! ... :) Waiting for our first snowstorm!

Ashlyn said...

I totally have the same workout issues! Ridiculous, because the eliptical is a good workout.

As for the midwest - I am definitely not made for that type of weather. My boyfriend is from the midwest, so I went there in August. The leaves were changing. That is crazy. So are blizzards during Halloween and some of the other stuff he has told me. At least he knows there is no way I'm ever moving there haha.

Janna Renee said...

I have only worked out four times since I started two weeks ago, but I love to work out to Girl Talk. He's a DJ that mixes new and old songs that get you amped. The language might be a little much, though. Other than that Linkin Park is a good one. I live in Colorado and we are getting a blizzard today. Sweet. Haha

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

mannnnnnn. i haven't had breakfast, and those fries look amazzzzzzzzing.

that's hilarious about the rap vs. taylor. i'm surprised he turned it down.

and the eliptical ... will kick your ass and make you sore for days if you make the resistance high enough. painful to squat to pee kinda workout. :) hello high heiny.

J and A said...

I confess I LOVE McDonald's fries. AND I have not take the Red album out of my car since I bought it. My husband may hate me. :)

Jocelyn said...

Melanie Amaro "(Feet) Don't Fail Me Now"

Mmmm... McDonald's fries sound SO good right now!

Unknown said...

ha! I love how you blasted Taylor swift. I would do the same! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog from the Spectacular Giveaway over at Mackey Madness! :)

Maria @

Miranda said...

i love to work out to the song 'pump it' by black eyed peas. it really gets you going!!!

shannon v. said...

I'll try not to take that last one personally ;)...AND...elipticals are for weenies :)

Young and Fabulous said...

OMG speaking of fries....i ate a mcrib an fries as a PRE LUNCh at work yesterday hahah AGH!

an yes veggies after junk food always makes me feel better!!

b's and ho's. I love you

i confess....i am 99% sure i will be in SC for easter !!!!! ARE YOU GOING HOME!?!?!?


Sara Louise said...

I confess that in the past week, I've pretty much eaten my weight in cheese #BonjourRaclette
And when it comes to workout music, I rely on Fit With Flash's Ami's workout mixes cause she picks the best stuff. x.

Katie said...

Okay you know how you said you ate more food than a pregnant woman? Well, one time a couple months ago my pregnant friend came over to hang out and I ate twice as much pizza as her(like almost a whole pizza to myself) plus popcorn and cookies and a ton of water. It is amazing I don't weigh 500 pounds.

I live in the midwest(Indiana) and I love the snow! haha But we don't get as much as the other midwest states so maybe I would have slightly different thoughts if I lived in one of those.

(catching up on blog posts so be prepared for like 5 comments in a row)