Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Would you rather....

Sometimes I ask a lot of questions. 
Like if we're just sitting around the living room, watching TV, I like to throw out a:  

"Who was the weirdest person in your life ever?


"Would you rather publish your diary or have a Youtube video of your most embarrassing moment?" 

So today, I have questions for you 

If you could sing like your favorite artist or rock any dance (we're talking ballroom, samba, gangnam)....which  would you choose? 

What's your favorite book ever? 


What's the silliest thing you've ever done? 

I love hearing answers to fun questions.....I think it's basically right up there with surveys and cookie dough bites in movie theater popcorn. Does it get more fun? 



Jess said...

Um, I would rock Gangnam like nobody's business. ;) Favorite book - the entire Harry Potter series. Silliest thing I've ever done? boy, you're not expecting much. Freshman year of college, during finals week, we were starting to pack up our dorm room and came across almost an entire box of aluminum foil. So Juli and I took it and made hats, decorations, and fashioned "rabbit ears" for our TV. We wrapped our desk chairs in foil for move out. They made us take it off, but they cracked up anyway.

Heather Marie said...

oh fun q&a's! I would have to say my favorite book is of course harry potter but also the diplomat's wife... SOgood!!

Shannon said...

I would want to sing like Celine Dion b/c her voice is magical. I don't want to look like her though. Okay?

Katie said...

i'd pick rock any dance. I always want to be on dancing with the stars. and that text is so funny. and cute!

Christianna said...

I want to be the most legit hip hop dancer out there, my favorite book is "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman and that text is the best thing I have ever seen! I would totally do that!

Katie said...

I would dance some sort of hip hop number SYTYCD style, the Lottery Rose or Bittersweet, and the silliest thing...maybe going ALL OUT one year during camp when I was in charge of a few counselors and about 150 campers and made them celebrate 4th of July like it was Christmas. I had campers singing America songs while laser tagging, bowling, walking through the mall, everything. And we had USA costume competitions. It was basically awesome! And so ridiculous.

Alex said...

I'd choose dance so I could impress everyone with my stellar moves and maybe end up on a reality show. My favorite book is The Perks of Being a Wallflower even though it was made for teens, and my head would explode if I had to choose just ONE silly thing I've done!

Erin said...

I despise gangnam style but I would most certainly be dancing like Jenna Dewan so I could snag myself a Channing Tatum and I'd sing like Carrie so I could rock some killer legs.

Harry Potter. All of them.
Or If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. I mean it's amazing.

This is impossibly to name just one. I'm the biggest clutz in the history of life.

Michaela said...

Favorite book: 1000 Gifts.
Sing like: Carrie Underwood. Clearly. Also, I'll take her legs ;)
Silliest thing I've done: wow...there are lots. Wearing a strapless top while playing tag in high school was pretty silly. You can guess how that ended!

Rach said...

I would love to have a high clear soprano voice like my older sister's. I am definitely an alto. I mean, I sing soprano sometimes, but I definitely can't hit the really high notes. So really, any high clear soprano... would love to sing like them. As for books... oh man, so many favorites! I can't just pick one, haha! Redeeming Love was a pretty powerful read. Love that book! But then I also grew up with Harry Potter so I love that series too! So many good books to choose from, haha!

Whitney said...

I would sing. If i could have one talent in the world it would be a great singing voice. I want to sound like Carrie, Miranda, Faith and the girl from The Band Perry all mixed together. my dream job is to be a country music star... too bad i cant hold a tune in a bucket :(

BUT THENNNN i just watched the DWTS finale, and Melissa Rycroft has the most amazing body ever. and looks amazing while dancing. so maybe that is a more attainable dream??

favorite book ever is probably My Sister's Keeper. There are very few books that have made me bawl my eyes out in public, and that one did. on a plane ride, to hawaii, where the person next to me stared for 8 hours straight at me.

and the silliest thing ive ever done probably has to be in theater class, 9th grade, we had to lip synch in from of the whole class. i chose to do "stupid cupid" from princess diaries. so. lame.

meghan said...

That's the cutest text!! Aww! My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo and Unbroken.

Sara Louise said...

I so wish I could sing! Everyone in my family has an amazing voice and being Irish, they all end up in a sing song at the end of every party (it's an Irish thing) but I sit in the corner mouthing the words because I sound like a cat being strangled. For reals.
And my favorite book ever is a toss up between The Bronze Horseman and Outlander. But if you ask me again next week I might say something different because I'm fickle like that.

Katie said...

Uh do I have to choose? I would love to be able to ballroom dance. But gosh the ability to sing is something I've always wanted and not even to be one of those people that tries to get famous. Just to have a good voice that I can enjoy.
A voice like Norah Jones or Jayme Dee would be nice.

(Why are my answers so darn long?)

Favorite book?
Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. But Alice In Wonderland & Harry Potter have top places too.

Oh dear I can't think of anything for silliest thing I've ever done. I'll have to get back to you on that.