Monday, November 12, 2012

I Confess - SAHG, Evaporated Milk & Waffle House

Tuesdays call for confessions......

I confess....after spending a day by myself in Nashville sightseeing, napping and watching countless episodes of Friends in the hotel room waiting for everyone to arrive, I've decided I'm down to be a stay-at-home-girlfriend also known as a SAHG for business cards or... just for short.

I confess I'm currently in an argument with my iphone. Whyyyyyy is every running app for the iphone 4s or the 5? I'm not spending another 300 bones just to be able to talk into my iphone (However....side note....when I was in Nashville about to die from starvation and we asked Hannah's phone where the nearest Waffle House was (yes, Waffle House....I told you I was about to die from starvation)...and she said there was one 1.4 miles away, I basically wanted to be BFF with Suri

I confess when I opened the can of evaporated milk when I was making pumpkin pie this weekend, I kind of expected a white puff to come out and then the can to be empty. But it was just like milk in there. So now I'm really confused on the actual difference. 

I confess I've been so concerned about having the perfect country concert outfit for the impending Taylor Swift concert (and by impending I mean Marchish) that I didn't even realize tickets START at $100 for upper level nosebleeds. I'm fairly certain I might need to bring a boombox and the Taylor Swift cd with me....along with my oxygen mask. 

I confess I am the worst wedding guest ever.....It's been 2 months since my one friend's wedding. and 2 weeks since another and both of their wedding gifts are sitting on my counter. In all fairness it takes one hour and one Valium to get to the post office. #ATLtrafficproblems 

I confess when I was in said Waffle House I had a serious conversation with a man who said he came to the Waffle House because he didn't like the "greasy food" served at other popular Nashville breakfast hot spots. I'm convinced this man either has no taste buds or has never been outside of Tennessee. Side Note...Waffle House now puts the calories of everything on their menu. #thingsthatareunnecessary

I confess.....when talks came up recently of possibly moving our team to New Jersey in the future, I told my boss that I would need a spray tan package as part of my agreement. 

I confess...I'm doing something very exciting today that I hope I get to share with you all soon!! 



Jess said...

Um, I wondered the same thing about evaporated milk the first time I used it. Apparently it's just more concentrated.

and you need to move to Jersey! Imagine ... you, just a few hours from me!

Jenna said...

To be completely honest I also have no clue what the difference is between evaporated milk and normal milk - it looks exactly the same!

Oh waffle house.... how I miss you.

Can't wait to hear about the exciting news, I think I might have a hunch ;)


jayme said...

how screwed up is this: i went from being a SAHG to a SAHF (fiance) to a WORKING WIFE. HOW WRONG IS THAT?!?!?!

i should have been a working gf, working fiance, and SATW but nooooo. captain john von trapp runs a tight ship i tell ya.

Erin said...

Uhh, I have never used evaporated milk so I have no idea what it even means/does?! HA. And I really want to be a stay-at-home-wife. Like I would legit love to clean, cook and organize all day long. How can we make this work?! ;)

Whitney Alison said...

I think I just about died over the evaporated milk thing...and I was a SAHG and SAHW and SAHM....and I like working better lol.

Kathy said...

haha...this was funny! Especially the evaporated milk...cute!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

mmmm waffles. and bacon. and syrup. and butter. jealous.

Angel said...

hahaha sahg. i'm definitely missing do-nothing-pajama-days. and they're starting at $100?! so crazy, hopefully columbia will be a little cheaper.
i can't wait to see you!

My-cliffnotes said...

Spray tan agreement is very important

Sara Louise said...

Evaporated milk confuses me too, but so does most baking stuff.
And thanks, I'm now going to spend my day wishing there was a Waffle House in my village.

Unknown said...

Hi, I have been following along for awhile and love your blog!! Your evaporated milk confession is still making me laugh:)