Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The China Dress

So back at the beginning of the year my friend Tara got engaged to her man-candy Joe….
Aren’t they adorbs? You can read their love story here.

SO….Tara asked me to be one of her honorary bridesmaids. Naturally, I was honored! She wanted all her bridesmaids in black cocktail dresses. Our choice as long as they were all slightly different. Simple enough request right?! Right…..And, if there’s one thing I can do well, it’s shop. So I set out on an exhaustive search for the perfect black dress….emailing Tara about 15 different options. We finally decided on one….which happened to be a remake of a Selena Gomez dress. My inner teenager died, came back to life and died again. Only when I went to order, I didn’t realize the company was in China….and these were hand-made dresses

But Pshhh, I wasn't deterred.  On I went….reviewing the measurements…plopping that baby in my China e-cart…forking over the ridiculous 36 bones for shipping and clicking “order.”

Nearly three weeks later a brownish package that looked like it had been stomped on by 500 goats and smuggled across three illegal borders showed up in my mailbox. And inside was my Selena dress! I instantly threw off my clothes and shimmied into my new dress. And by “shimmied” I mean pulled and tugged and squeezed…..my Selena dress technically “fit” but holy cow it was “tight.” I contemplated how necessary it would be for me to do any sitting at the wedding. I also contemplated the practicality of me losing 15 pounds so the dress would be roomy enough to not stuff my organs on top of one another.
"The Dress" (If you think those are boobs...you're wrong....it's my liver and my spleen. 

After deciding neither of these were realistic options, I decided to be practical and send the dress back for alterations. After many broken-English email exchanges on how to do this, I shipped the dress back at the beginning of May.
About a month later, I realized I hadn’t heard a word from the company. I emailed them which began a 4 month cross-continent “fight.” Yes, you read that right… 4 months. And do you know how hard it is to "fight" with someone who doesn't speak English? It took them a month to admit they lost my dress altogether. About mid-September I told them I just wanted a refund. Apparently “refund” translates real well in China because they emailed back right away saying they had already “rush ordered a remake of the dress and would ship it out in 24-hours.”

Another two weeks went by which brings us to Saturday…..when I open my mailbox to see yet another dusty brown bag….and inside, I find….

The WRONG Dress. Yes, it slightly resembles the Selena dress and yet harkens to the Amish region in China as well. And yes, this one fits…in fact, there’s room for me and someone else in there. Anyone want to go to a wedding in Nashville with me?  

So here we are three weeks out from the wedding and here I am with my baggy Amish dress. Facepalm…As I mentioned previously, thank God I shop well and have an ugh-maze black cocktail dress as my “backup”…And this my friends is why America and America commerce rules.


And The End.



Jamie said...

That's a super bummer. You've an probably have the charges revwrsed in your credit card if you call. I've never actually done that, but that's what people always say.

Mariah said...

I'll second that and I live here:>) You should try it face to face sometime...I promise to only take you to the very high end places!

Katie said...

hopefully you can laugh just a little about this. :) what a pain though! thankfully you can find a new one in time - get shopping!!!

Young and Fabulous said...

OH MANNN!!! ash that sounds like such a pain in the A!

but holy effing moly. That one shoulder dress on you. OW OWW!!!! smokeshow alert! that stinks that it doesn't fit right because you would have been THEE star dresser of the wedding! Guiliana, Joan, Kelly and George would have voted you best dressed on fash police!

can't wait to see what you get tho before the wedding!!

Heidi said...

I love this story for many reasons.

1. I lived in China, and it is not easy to communicate with them, and this is all so true!

2. I fell in love with a wedding dress and searched and found a crazy Chinese online company and they had it for like $4 so I thought, what the heck. I'll try it. Having live there, I felt comfortable with their sewing skills, I had many coats and things made while I lived there. When it came it didn't fit and looked slightly like the expensive real wedding dress, but wasn't going to cut it. Needless to say, I decided I could find something better, and I did, and it was made in America. Actually I bought it from America, it probably wasn't made here.

3. I'm glad you had a backup.

jayme said...

i've never seen such a hot liver before. ash > selena.

also... so i may be geographically creepy but did you know nashville is only 3 hours from louisville? PLEASEEEEEEE

Whitney said...

oh girl!! I hope you paid through paypal! If so, you can file a claim and get your money back! It may take a couple of days, but its so worth it!

I am a bridesmaid in 6 (yes you read that right!!) weddings next year and in order to save money, i thought about ordering the dress online from a mass production website out of china. I think i'll pass now :)

Jenn said...

Oh dear...that sounds sooooo annoying. Online shopping is hard enough and then add in a language barrier and oceans of distance. I would definitely look into disputing the charge on your credit card. Good luck!

megan said...

Yikes, what a nightmare. I was tempted to have my bridesmaids order their dresses from a website like that but I'm SO glad they didn't. The amount of money they would have save wouldn't have been worth it if I had to go through what you did.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a horrendous process! I guess you just made it clear to us all that it's a very high risk to order clothing from China..online. Ha.

Are you sending the latest dress back and arguing for an actual refund?

Elle Sees said...

yikes! that's so scary!! i'm glad you have a back up though. Fellow Atl-dweller.

LSM said...

Ugh! Yes, I have much experience with the transcontinental fight! My old boss was constantly ordering replicas from China!! So sorry this happened! :-/ Glad you have a back up!!!

Angel said...

haha you have the best story-telling vocabulary. i'm glad you had a back-up and i expect to see pictures on fb :)

Shannon said...

Ooooh - I would be so frustrated.

And although that China dress may have been a tad too tight, you did look SLAMMING in it.

Even if you couldn't actually walk down the aisle.

Amanda said...

I have a headache for you.. what a pain! on the bright side, I live in Nashville and it is a RIDICULOUSLY fun place to go to for a wedding so you should have a great time!!

emily said...

oh heavens. i can totally see myself doing something like that. bummer. the dress was gorgeous though!

Jenna said...

Oh geez. China and their dress shenanigans. At the very least, you've probably learned where you WON'T be dress shopping in the future! ha.

Here's to finding another perfect black dress somewhere in the United States :)


Sami said...

Oh my gosh! That is so crazy! I love the dress so I'm sad that you don't get to wear it! Thank god for backups! Funny story.. My Mom wanted these crochet TOMS and they were sold out and she found this "special" TOMS website that had some. I kept telling her it was scam and not to order but she wouldn't listen to me and turns out the package came from China and contained some non authentic and very ugly TOMS that she paid full price for. She should listen to me more often ;)

Rach said...

Haha! Oh my goodness, that's awful! Glad you have an amazing backup, though!! :)

My-cliffnotes said...

This story is so sad the first dress is gorg!

Sorry about the damn Amish dress :( not cool China not cool

But on the flip side you are always gorgeous!!

Katie said...

Oh dear. Sounds like a disaster!

Maybe you shouldn't order anything from China again haha

Megan said...

Ohhhh no!! You poor thing! But I'm so glad that you have a back up! And WOW, I think that dress looks amazing on you. You skinny little thing!!

Navia said...

This makes me kinda appreicate the horrible light pink and sage green $250 ball of satin that I have in my closet.

Also, there is a book that I read about China being cheaper to get clothes from but that the quality is usually way worse. It's funny how people never understand anything except when you want your money back or they are trying to take you money.

Hope they refunded your money so at least you can use it to get some cute shoes or accessories for the dress you are wearing now.

Sara Louise said...

Customer service kind of dies outside of the US.
I'm sure you will look amazing it whatever you wear :)

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Oh my gosh Ashley, this is a disaster!! I am so sorry!
I good friend of mine has just had a similar problem but with her WEDDING DRESS!!!! She has lost out on her money and has had to start from scratch a month before her wedding!!

Jamie said...

UGH! That SUCKS. I'd be so, so angry. In fact, I applaud the fact that you at least appear to be slightly amused in a "I can't believe this is my real life" sort of way. Good thing you have a backup!!!

The Blue Hour

Fit With Flash said...

oooh, i only do locally handmade ish. that way, if it all goes to hell, you can personally drive over and give them an earfull. sorry, buddy. but i'll be your date if you want ; )

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

ha! this story was hilarious! i was holding my breath, really hoping there was a happy ending to the story. glad to hear you had a back up!

Unknown said...

this makes me want to chant USA USA! What a bummer!!