Monday, October 29, 2012

That Time We Talked Style.

I think it's obvious I am no fashion blogger. 
I am missing two key elements. 
A boyfriend that actually likes my blog and will  take my pictures
and a love for checks and florals mixed together

Yes, in the past, it's true, I've been known to hit "publish" on a fashion post...which basically looks like this. 
And I have to live with that. 

But Today. 
Today is a different story. 

Today we're talking fashion with a REAL expert. 
And that would be Anya Sarre, a stylist with Shoe Dazzle (she rubs elbows with the likes of Kim Kardashian and other famous celebs (so yes...yes it is ok to hate her just a little bit). 
Only you won't because she's an awesome new mom  whose drop dead gorgeous and whose career spans featured printed articles on magazines and television such as Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and the STYLE network aaaaaand, of course, Run With Me. ;) 

And today she's here to give her expert tips on Neo-Gothic.......

For Dark Drama This Season, Go Neo-Gothic

Looking good means feeling good inside and out. The best-kept red carpet style
secret is that if you feel comfortable and excited about what you are wearing, you
will exude confidence. Believe it or not, even major celebrities sometimes need a
confidence boost, but they know that confidence is all about wearing things that
flatter your body and make you feel great! Fashion allows you to showcase your
style and express yourself through your clothing and accessories. Whether you
spent 2 hours or 10 minutes getting ready, you should always look effortless as if
you just "threw something together.

Monochromatic black does not have to be dreary or boring; embrace pieces that
flaunt texture and pattern. Choose sensual materials such as velvet, satin, and furs,
and seek out embroidery and brocade detailing.

For example, combine a sheer top, tuxedo jacket, tailored pants, and leather riding
boots to mimic 18th century men’s fashion. Or consider pairing a flowing skirt with a
more structured, Victorian-inspired bodice. If the all-black look is too severe for you,
add elements in rich, regal colors—ruby reds, midnight blues, and royal purples—
under more sheer layers of black to exude the mysterious and slightly dangerous
Neo-Gothic air.

The power of any fashion statement is ultimately in the details, so choose your
accessories and shoes to flatter your features and your unique style. If you choose
to wear jewelry, look for simple studs or clean lines to keep the focus on the richness
of the fabrics. Choose a dramatic cape or a Victorian-inspired cloak in heavy and
comforting fabrics. Look for leather accents, either on individual pieces of clothing or
as an element of the outfit. Leather elbow-length gloves, for example, are a dramatic
accessory—and as far as footwear, seek out a pair of leather riding boots to pair with
jodhpurs or a pair of sleek black pumps for a more feminine flair.

Thanks for your tips Anya! I'm totally going to go play around in the black section of my closet!
What do you think ladies? Are you down for some neo-gothic? 

You can follow Anya on Twitter here or on the Shoe Dazzle Blog here



Katie said...

i love your reasons why you're not a fashion blogger. i use a tripod so I don't have to ask Chris to take my picture. :)

Shannon said...

Well, since my closet has way too many black articles in it, I think this is something I totally should consider. Now I need riding boots...

J and A said...

You are too cute! I use a timer, Justin is not a good photo taker!!

Young and Fabulous said...


seriously...i think black might be one of my fav colors as far as clothes...and these tips are really interesting!! i need to branch out and get more creative like this! haha

and psshhh i totally consider you a fashion blogger. your outfits are adorable and always look put together!! make a loofah look like a fashion statement!


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